Marco – Live Your Lives Loving

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari on November 27, 2022:

My dearly beloved little children, My heart rejoices at finding you here in prayer: thank you, children! (1) My children, I have been praying for you and with you, and I present all your intentions to the Heart of My Son, Jesus. He will grant… [omission in the Italian original]. My children, if you want to be light in the world, pray — live your lives loving your brothers and sisters, especially those who are abandoned and discarded by the world — and work for peace and justice. My children, I urge you to be a gift of love to those around you by living the Gospel of Jesus with love and commitment. I am with you in this time of trials and I bless you in the name of God who is Father, God who is Son and God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.
I caress and kiss you one by one. Goodbye, my children.
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  1. A few moments after Marco went into ecstasy, falling on his knees, those who were next to the seer testify that they smelled a very intense scent of roses that lasted throughout the apparition.[]
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