Marco – The Black Clouds Are Now Above You

The Virgin Mary to Marco Ferrari on March 26, 2023:

My dear and beloved little children, today my heart rejoices at finding you here with my beloved and meek instrument, united in prayer. My children, remain in my Immaculate Heart and live together with me the moments of the painful Passion that has now begun for this humanity. My children, you too should live the Passion as My Son Jesus did — by surrendering yourselves into the arms of the Father!

My children, you have entered into the time that the Father has established so that His plan would be fulfilled. You, too, children, should say your “yes” to the Father’s Will; beloved children, say it with Jesus, (1) His Son and your brother, who still sacrifices Himself for you daily [in the Eucharist].(2)

My children, in this blessed strip of land (3) I am calling you back to prayer, to live the Gospel in works of mercy and to return to God. In the past, I told you that black clouds were gathering on the horizon but then, some years ago, I told you that those distant clouds were increasingly close to you. Now those clouds are above you, children.

My children, today the world is experiencing the hour of gloom and darkness! Pray, pray, pray, my children.

I bless you with love and welcome all of you into my Heart, even those who struggle to walk and to live the Holy Gospel: I bless you all because I am the Mother of all of you, in the name of God who is Father, God who is Son, God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen.

Thank you for your witness. I always wait for you to come to pray in numbers in this place of grace in order to pray with you. I kiss you and caress you. Goodbye, my children.


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  1. “My Father, if it is not possible that this cup pass without my drinking it, your will be done!” (Matt 26:42) []
  2. Translator’s note[]
  3. Paratico, Italy[]
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