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Recommendations for healing given to Luz de Maria de Bonilla .

Below are excerpts of messages to Luz de Maria de Bonilla that mention diseases that will come upon the world in addition to the coronavirus.

Click here to read a booklet on the site of Luz de María de Bonilla’s messages,, regarding specific medicinal plants for combatting unknown diseases that not even science will be able to stop. The website also offers the following clarification:

“Although most of these plants recommended by Heaven have no contraindications, they could, in particular cases, cause an adverse reaction (in combination with other substances, medications, overdosing, etc.). We therefore always recommend consulting a doctor beforehand and analyzing each particular case, especially as to the dosage that can be consumed. Neither is our intention to replace medications or treatments prescribed by a doctor. Another recommendation is to read the labels of the product and analyze the dosage with a doctor before starting to take it, since according to the brand that is used, the ingredients and recommended doses may vary.”

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
June 6, 2019

My people, suffering looms for humanity; diseases that were thought eradicated will return to frighten you as they expand rapidly in these times.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
May 11, 2019

I have insisted that you keep the faith, in spite of the obstacles, in spite of the wounded ‘ego’–of the trials that for you have no explanation, of the diseases of all kinds; keep your faith immovable.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
January 16, 2019

The diseases of the past are regaining strength, and this is because in some laboratories they have been created. Such is the manipulation in which you are living, My children, so much so that with great surprise, you will experience an announcement that will shake My Church and will make the false prophets differ in their predictions.

My people, keep faith in Me: I will not give you stones for bread. I will not say to you: ‘Here I am’ and confront you with evil. I am your Lord and before Me every knee bows (cf. Rom 14:11).

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
November 20, 2018

My beloved people, many diseases are looming over humanity, and I mention this and make it known to you so that you can protect yourselves. Viruses swarm through the air and you should protect yourselves; for this My Mother has given you and will continue to give you the natural medicines necessary so that you might put them into practice, because some viruses have been deformed in laboratories so that they would not react to human medicines. It will be then that unbelievers, having to make use of everything found in nature and which My Mother has mentioned to you, will be surprised to see how health, if it is Our will, recovers.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
October 10, 2018

I call you to unite, to unify and intensify fraternity. I call you to compile the messages in which My Mother or I have provided you with the natural medicines necessary for facing the great pestilences, plagues, diseases, and chemical contamination to which you, as humanity, will be exposed, because it is not only nature that rebels against man, but also those who with petty and selfish interests have conspired to exterminate much of humanity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
August 3, 2017

Some of My children have not faced serious times; they do not know the face of hunger, they do not know the face of repression, they do not know the face of despair over not having what is necessary to control pain. My Mother has given you and will give you medicines that you can find in nature, and with them, mitigate diseases and make them disappear. Do not sit on this, waiting for the moment to use them: seek them where you can, seek them where you can locate them near you. Do not wait for the final moment. Plague moves silently, without being unveiled before humanity. You have the means and more to fight it. I do not forsake My people.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
May 17, 2017

Great diseases spread rapidly, and when they become known through the health media no longer able to hide them, refer to what My Mother has revealed to you to stop some diseases; but in the midst of everything, human faith is necessary.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
May 20, 2017

Pray, My children, pray. Do not forget that disease comes out of laboratories: use whatever I have mentioned to you for your health.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 8, 2015

 Misused science has come to penetrate the pharmaceutical industry so that it dares to create vaccines contaminated with viruses in order to cause death or disease in human beings.

Comment by Luz de Maria :
October 14, 2015

Brothers, Christ warns us about a virus that will be used as a biological weapon, but with the divine blessing, our Mother will tell us how to combat this disease about which Christ allowed me to have a vision:

I could see a human being with sores on his skin and suffering great pain; I saw the hand of our Mother on those infected, placing on them something similar to the leaf of a plant, and they were healed.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 13, 2014

Unknown diseases will continue to attack humanity, one after another; but as they reach man, I will provide you with the natural means for fighting them.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
May 30, 2013

The silent passage of the plague that will devastate the lives of men is weighing on you. Only the assistance of My Mother will succeed in stopping it; use the Miraculous Medal for this purpose, carrying faith forward as the banner of triumph.

Our Lord Jesus Christ
February 12, 2012

Plague advances wreaking havoc; seal yourselves in the Name of My Blood. Bless your food with the sign of My Cross and keep your faith alive.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
March 17, 2010

My dearly beloved people, I love you. I love you infinitely, and today I call you to place My cross in a visible place in your home. Do not fear, do not be ashamed of being recognized, because I love you and recognize you continuously. Today I again call you to anoint the doors of your homes, because plague is approaching for humanity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
April 14, 2010

Plague is approaching for humanity. This is produced by human hands, which wanting some economic power that they have lost in recent times, will cause disease among My own. This causes My Heart great pain. Therefore, I am warning you, and again I remind you of the use of the sacramentals so that you would protect yourselves. I remind you to anoint your homes for protection.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
September 5, 2010

My little children, you are punishing yourselves. You have drawn the announced plague upon you. The human heart will feel great desolation. Men of science will be confused when they feel the impossibility of finding a cure. They will realize that only faith in the power of God will heal this suffering; He will heal this suffering through the sacramentals and instructions that we have given you from Heaven for such cases.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 15, 2009

Little children, humanity is fast approaching its finale and MY SON’S INTERMEDIATE COMING IS CLOSE. I have called you to seal your homes so that evil and plague would pass by, and you have been prompt to follow My instructions obediently. Yet you still do not understand that if the doors and windows of a home are sealed and a human being continues to be lukewarm, evil and plague will enter and make him succumb to sin.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
May 2009

I invite you not to forget the use of the sacramentals. In the case of contagious diseases (pestilences, plagues, etc.), anoint doors and windows with blessed oil. If you are sick, sprinkle food with holy water and keep in mind the use of medicinal plants that My Mother has instructed you to use for these unforeseen cases.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
May 24, 2017

Serious illnesses are approaching that attack the digestive system; use the plant known as ANGELICA. Use the entire plant properly, with pregnant women being cautious. A disease is coming that will attack the eyes; for this use the plant known as EYEBRIGHT.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
March 12, 2017

As your Mother, I beg you to maintain as part of your routine for living, the daily necessity of ingesting VITAMIN C, of ingesting raw garlic or ginger daily.

Luz de Maria (a vision):
June 3, 2016

Suddenly, our Mother raises her other hand and human beings appear who are sick with great plagues; then I see a healthy person approaching another who is sick, and they are immediately infected. . .
I ask our Mother, ‘How can we help these brothers and sisters?’ and she says to me, ‘USE THE OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN. I HAVE GIVEN YOU THE NECESSARY AND APPROPRIATE INGREDIENTS.’

Our Mother told me that genuine plagues will come and that we should consume a clove of raw garlic in the morning or oregano oil: these two are excellent antibiotics. If you cannot obtain oregano oil you can boil it and make a tea from it. But oregano oil is better as an antibiotic.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
January 28, 2016

Use mullein and rosemary in small quantities.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
January 31, 2015

Another disease is spreading, affecting the respiratory tract; it is extremely contagious. Keep holy water; use hawthorn and the Echinacea plant to combat it.

Reflection by Luz de Maria:
November 10, 2014

The Blessed Mother told me about a disease that will attack the nervous system and the immune system causing serious skin problems, for which she told me to use the leaf of the nettle plant and ginkgo.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:
January 4, 2018

My people, I look ahead, and the disease that lies ahead of humanity will find a cure with the ARTEMISIA [MUGWORT] PLANT on the skin.

[Note a study being conducted on this plant to possibly fight the coronavirus:]

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 11, 2014

The plague is renewed by those who serve the antichrist, and see how the economy succumbs. Given this, I invite you, children, to heal the body through what nature provides for the good of the body, and as regards the current disease, the use of ARTEMISIA ANNUA.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 13, 2014

My beloved, as a Mother who sees farther than you see, I call you to eat MULBERRIES [BLACKBERRIES]. They are a natural purifier of blood, and in this way your organism will become more resistant to the ills that will afflict humanity. You do not know that many of the viruses and bacteria that plague you have been created by man himself as a product for power over all humanity.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
October 13, 2014

Humanity’s diet is comfortable but totally harmful to the human body, which it is continually being destroyed and sickened. At the moment, the human body is saturated by poor nutrition, thus favoring a weakening of the organism, and new diseases take hold of man, causing great evils.

Luz de Maria asked Mother Mary what should be done to make the body more resistant to the coming plagues. The Blessed Mother replied:

My Beloved, use water boiled beforehand and start the body’s detoxification straightaway by drinking as much water as possible: in this way, the body will be purified.


To read the science behind essential oils like the Oil of the Good Samaritan, also known as “Thieves” oil, read: “Oil of the Good Samaritan” by Lea Mallett. Click the book cover:



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