Simona and Angela – Pray Much for the Vicar of Christ

Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Simona on April 26th, 2022:

I saw Mother; she had a delicate white veil on her head and the crown of twelve stars, a broad blue mantle on her shoulders, a white dress and a blue sash around her waist. Mother’s feet were bare and were placed on the world; Mother’s arms were open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand was a long holy rosary, as if made out of drops of ice.
Praised be Jesus Christ
“My dear children, I love you and thank you for having hastened to this call of mine. My beloved children, stay close to me; do not leave my Immaculate Heart – evil is now roaming through world, overpowering it. Remain firm in the faith: pray, children, pray, kneel before the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. There, my Son is alive and true; there, He is waiting for you. 
Daughter, pray with me, the world needs many prayers.”
I prayed much with Mother – for the world, for its destiny, for peace, for the Church and for the Holy Father, then I entrusted to her all those who had asked me for prayer. Then Mother resumed.
“My beloved children, do not turn away from the Lord. Open the door of your heart to Him and let Him dwell in you. My children, once again I ask you for prayer. Pray with constancy and strength; pray, make little acts of devotion [fioretti] and sacrifices, may your hearts be filled with love for the Lord. He loves you with an immense love. There is no love in the world like His. If only you would understand how immense is His love for each one of you; if only you would love Him.
My children, do not harden your hearts, let the Lord mold them in His image, let Him guide you, let Him love you. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.”

Our Lady of Zaro di Ischia to Angela on April 26th, 2022:

This afternoon Mother appeared all dressed in white. The mantle that enveloped her was also white, as if studded with glitter. The same mantle covered her head as well. The mantle was very broad and the flaps were held by two angels who were kneeling, one on her right, the other on her left. Mother’s feet were resting on the world. On her chest the Virgin Mary had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns. Her hands were clasped in prayer and in her hands was a long holy rosary, white as light.
Praised be Jesus Christ
“Dear children, thank you for being here in my blessed woods, for welcoming me and responding to this call of mine.
My children, I am here because I love you, I am here because my greatest desire is to save you all.” 
While Mother was speaking to me, I saw that she was stretching out her hands toward  many of her children and pointing them to her son Jesus.
“Dearly beloved children, today I am praying with you and for you. I pray that each of you might finally decide for God. I beg you, my children, convert. Convert before it is too late.
My children, hard times await you and if you are not ready, how can I save you?… Please, children, listen to me!
Beloved children, do not be let your [minds be] obscured by those who show you the false beauties of this world.
My children, I beg you not to be hypocrites. Many of you think that you are peacemakers, but you are not. Many speak with the words of the Gospel, but do not live out the Gospel.
My children, not all those who will say, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of God.
Children, look to Jesus, become imitators of Christ, the one and only true Savior, the one and only true Judge.
Pray children, bend your knees and pray. My son Jesus gave his life for each one of you and still suffers because of your sins.
My children, today I again ask you to pray for my beloved Church. Pray much for the Vicar of Christ and for all my chosen and beloved sons [priests].
Pray, pray, pray. May your life be prayer. Testify to my presence among you with your life.”
Then I prayed with Mother, and finally she blessed everyone, spreading out her arms.
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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