Simona – Be in Constant Prayer, be Flames of Love

Message of Our Lady of Zaro to Simona , March 26, 2020:
I saw the Mother of Zaro. On her head she had a white veil, on her shoulders a broad blue mantle; her dress was white, on her chest she had a heart formed by buds of white roses, around her waist a gold belt with a white rose on it, her feet were bare and on each one was a white rose. Mother had her arms outstretched in a sign of welcome.
May Jesus Christ be praised!
My dear children, I love you. Children, I come to you in these hard times to ask you for prayer—prayer, my children, for all humanity, prayer for my beloved Church. My children, prayer helps you to strengthen yourselves, protects you and frees you from all evil; may prayer accompany you at every moment of your life—prayer, my children, gives you strength. My children, in these hard times be even more constant in prayer, be flames of love. In every house may there be the scent of prayer, which like incense rises to the Father. My children, all that is taking place is not a punishment from God, but is due to human wickedness: too many times man believes he can do without God, that he can be self-sufficient, and in so doing he turns away from him, coming ever closer to an infinite abyss. My beloved children, do not turn away from God, do not turn your back on him. If only you understood, my children, how great the love of God the Father is for each of you. If only you loved him. My children, remain steadfast in prayer. Now I give you a holy blessing. Thank you for hastening to me.
(emphasis PB)
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