Simona – Give Everything To Jesus

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona June 26, 2020:
I saw Mother, she was all dressed in white, on her head was a delicate white veil studded with little golden stars and the crown of twelve stars. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand a long Holy Rosary made as if out of drops of ice. Mother had bare feet placed on a rock, under which a small stream of water was flowing. May Jesus Christ be praised…
My dear children, I come to you through the immense love of the Father. My children, seeing you here in my blessed woods fills my heart with joy; I love you, children. My dearly beloved children, the Lord is beside you, He is always beside you every day of your life: He is in the gentle breeze that caresses your face, in the song of the birds that cheers your heart, in the sweet scent that restores the soul, in the sun that warms you, in the moon that illuminates you at night, in the rain that makes the earth fertile, in the waves of the sea that gently caress the sand. The Lord, my children, is in all that surrounds you, everything is his gift. Children, the Lord Jesus is alive and true in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, it is there that he awaits you: go to him. My children, kneel before him, present your whole life to him, entrust to him all your sufferings, give him all your anxieties, all your doubts, your problems, give him your joy, your love, give everything to him, my children, and He will not delay in comforting you, embracing you, comforting you. I love you, children, I love you and I want you all to be saved, which is why I am coming to ask you again for prayer, children: prayer said with the heart, with strength and faith. Strengthen your faith, my children, through the most holy sacraments. I love you, children, I love you. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thanks for having hastened to me.
Painting by Lea Mallett (wife of Mark Mallett). Available at

Embracing Hope by Lea Mallett

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