Simona – I am Gathering My Army

Our Lady to Simona , April 8, 2020:
I saw Mother: she was all dressed in white, on her head she had the crown of twelve stars and a white veil studded with golden dots that went down to her bare feet placed on the world. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand was a Holy Rosary made as if out of drops of ice. May Jesus Christ be praised.
My dear children, I love you. Children, I see many small flames burning with love for the Lord all over the world, and this fills my heart with joy. I love you my children, I love you. Children, I come to gather my army, I come to ask you once again for your “yes” said with your heart, with strength and conviction. I am gathering the army of those who love God, those who are ready to fight with the Holy Rosary held tightly in their hands, with faith and perseverance. My children, pray that all humanity would open its hearts and let the Holy Spirit act in them. My children, I will never tire of telling you how great the love of the Lord is for each one of you; when all this evil surrounding the world ends, only the Risen Lord Jesus will be able to give you the strength to start again. Remain firm in the faith, strengthen yourselves with the sacraments, make Eucharistic adoration, pray children, pray. My children, I love you, I am your mother and I am always by your side even in this period of darkness; I do not leave you, I do not abandon you, I hold you by the hand and accompany you in every step of your life. I love you my children, I love you. My dearly beloved children, I still ask you for prayer for my beloved Church, for the Holy Father, for my favored and chosen sons; unfortunately, alas, they are piercing and betraying me, forgetting the vestments they are wearing and the vows they have pronounced. Pray for them, my children, pray, pray. I love you, children. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.
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