Simona – I Come to Gather My Army

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona on August 8th, 2021:

I saw Mother: she had a soft pink dress, a golden belt around her waist, on her head was a transparent veil studded with gold dots and the crown of twelve stars; on her shoulders was a blue mantle. Mother’s feet were bare and were placed in a water-course at the water’s edge. Mother had her hands joined in prayer and between them was a holy Rosary made of small pearls. May Jesus Christ be praised…
Here I am, my children: I come to bring you grace and blessing, peace, love and joy; I come to enlighten the way, I come to bring you Jesus: only in Him is there true peace, true love and true joy. My beloved children, pray, pray for my beloved Church — great trials await her. She will be struck by a great schism, many of my beloved and favored sons [priests] will betray me and abandon the true Magisterium of the Church… but many will fight, holding high the banner of the true Christian faith. My children, I come to gather my army, I come to call my warriors who are ready to fight with the weapon of the holy Rosary clutched in their fists. My children, strengthen your faith with the Holy Sacraments, with the Holy Mass, with Holy Confession, bend your knees and adore the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Strengthen your faith: do not let your hearts be gripped by the false beauties of this world. Do not run after the vanities and hypocrisy that the world proposes to you: remain firm in the faith, in the true values of love and of family. My children, pray, pray: hard times await you and my beloved Church, pray for her. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.

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