Simona – Just the Beginning of Hard Times

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona July 8th, 2021:

I saw Mother: she was all dressed in white, on her head was a crown of twelve stars and a mantle that also covered her shoulders and went down to her feet. Mother had her arms open in a sign of welcome and in her right hand she had a long Holy Rosary, as if made out of drops of ice. May Jesus Christ be praised…
Here I am, my children; I come to you to bring you peace — peace, my children, the true peace that is Christ the Lord. My children, pray, pray: the Holy Rosary is a strong weapon against evil; if recited with faith and love, the Holy Rosary can move mountains and move the heart of God. My children, the Holy Rosary is not an amulet to be carried in your pocket or around your neck: if you do not wear it with faith it is just a simple object like so many others. It is the faith with which it is worn, with which it is used, that makes it a powerful weapon against evil.
Pray my children, pray for my beloved Church, pray for my beloved and favored sons [priests]: woe to those who scandalize any of my smallest children and do not repent; woe to those who forget their vows, their role as guardians and watchmen of God’s flock. My beloved children, pray for my beloved, favored sons — they are the most tempted by evil. Pray, children, pray.
My children, do not be afraid: I am with you, I take you by the hand and lead you on the hard path; I guard you, I protect you. My children, do not be discouraged. Hard times await you — all that is happening is only the beginning, but do not be frightened! I tell you this so that you would strengthen yourselves in prayer. Turn to our Lord Jesus Christ: He is alive and true in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar and is waiting for you. Bend your knees, my children, and adore Him. Remember, children, there is no sin that if confessed is not forgiven; the Lord is waiting for you with open arms.
Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.
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