Simona – Running After False Prophets

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona February 26th, 2021:

I saw Mother: she was all dressed in white, with a golden belt around her waist. On her head was the crown of twelve stars and a delicate veil studded with golden stars. On her shoulders was a large light blue mantle. Mother’s feet were bare and were placed on the world. Mother had her arms outstretched in a sign of welcome, and in her right hand a long Holy Rosary, as if made out of drops of ice. Praised be Jesus Christ.

Here I am, children: once again I come to you by the immense mercy of the Father, out of the great love He has for each one of you. My children, I come to ask you again for prayer—prayer for this world that is increasingly in ruins, increasingly surrounded by evil. Pray, children, for my beloved Church, for my chosen and favored sons [priests]. Alas, they often forget their vows, their duties, and in so doing they tear my heart. My children, pray for them, do not point at them but be ready to help them with your prayers. My children, this world needs faith, prayer and love.

My children, I ask you again for prayers for those children of mine who are seeking peace and love down the wrong paths, who run after false prophets, who love evil and fall into its deceptions. Pray, children, pray; remember: prayer is a strong weapon against evil! I love you, my children. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.

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