Simona – There Will be a Great Split in the Church

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona on September 8, 2022:

I saw Mother; she was all dressed in white, on her head was a crown of twelve stars and a delicate white veil quilted with gold dots; on her shoulders was a broad blue mantle that went down to her bare feet, which were placed on a rock beneath which was a small stream. Mother had her hands clasped in prayer and between them was a long holy rosary, as if made of drops of ice, and its crucifix touched the stream at her feet. May Jesus Christ be praised…

My dear children, I love you and thank you that you have hastened here to this call of mine. I love you, children, and once again I ask you for prayer, prayer for my beloved Church: there will be a great split [1]Italian: scissione in her. Pray that the true Magisterium [2]cf. What is the True Magisterium? of the faith would not be lost; pray that her pillars would not shake and fall; pray that the hearts of pastors would be enlightened and that they would know how to guide and guard the Lord’s flock. Pray, my children; I invite you to pause before the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar: everything you seek is there, every grace you ask for, every good, the highest good. Pray, my children, pray, entrust your every thought to the Lord, make space for Him in your lives, welcome Him, love Him, cherish Him, pray to Him, and He will soothe your every wound, heal your every pain, fill you with every grace and blessing. I love you, my children — let me bind up your wounds, let my tears be the balm that heals and cures all your ills. I love you children, please let me love you; surrender yourself in my arms and I will lead you to Jesus, the only true good, true love, the true way, truth and guide. Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for hastening to me.

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1 Italian: scissione
2 cf. What is the True Magisterium?
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