Luz – Stay Away from Those Who Make Rash Judgments

The Most Holy Virgin  to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on March 31, 2022:

Beloved children of my Immaculate Heart, people of my Divine Son, receive my motherly blessing. Receive my word as balm for each one of you, children of my Divine Son. My children, I shed my tears(1) of pain for this generation that continues to be mired in sin and disobedience. I shed my tears over the pains, sacrileges, heresies with which you offend my Divine Son and the interrupted lives of the innocent who are being killed. I shed my tears of pain over what is coming for all humanity: the suffering, persecutions, revolts, social uprisings, diseases and famines. I shed my tears over the churches closed by order of those who are succeeding in dominating humanity and preventing my children from worshipping my Divine Son. I shed my tears upon land and water concerning the elements that will rise up and do harm to humanity.

Beloved children, the pains that you are facing and shall face will overwhelm humanity, hence the calls to conversion, the urgency for humanity not to allow itself to live in ignorance of the Law of God, of the Sacred Scriptures, of the Sacraments, of works of mercy, practicing indifference and ungodliness. Children, stay away from those who make rash judgments, “for as you judge, so you will be judged, and the same measure that you use for others will be used for you” (Mt. 7:2).

Satan is inciting division in my Son’s Church: do not fall into his traps. Fast, pray, discern!

Pay attention to the elements; in agitation they will rise up against the human race. At this moment, humanity is full of worldliness, and people hasten to work and act against their brothers and sisters.

Pray, children, pray, pray, the earth will shake and my children will suffer.

Pray, children, pray for the Middle East.

Pray, children, pray concerning the advance of global power over mankind.

Pray, children, pray for the Church; pray and counter everything that seeks to confuse you with a firm faith.

Pray, children, pray for Argentina.

Pray, children, war will come to where it is not expected.

I love you, little children. In your mission, each of you should fulfill what my Son has entrusted to you.

I invite you to be closer to my Son. I am with you: do not fear, I protect you. My motherly love remains upon each of my children. Live in the peace of my Son.  I love you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters: Based on your comments, I have felt the need to take from them expressions that are unanimous – expressions of love, repentance and unity regarding our Mother.  I must not allow such great sentiments born from the depths of your hearts not to bear fruit. Therefore, we can offer to our Mother the following prayer:

Queen and Mother

Do not weep, Mother, do not weep.
I want to be with you, Queen and Mother. 
Mother, you guide us on the path
of truth and salvation. 

We bend our knees to wipe away
your holy tears, little Mother.
Touch hearts of stone,
give light to humanity.

Give peace to our hearts,
help young people to transform
their lives that are so indifferent
to our Savior’s love.
We implore you for the true and
sincere conversion of all humanity.

Blessed for your humility,
Holy through your burning charity.
Blessed for your perpetual virginity.
Blessed for your motherhood.

Do not weep, my beautiful Lady, clothed with the sun:
we continue to pray.

Tears of the loving and sweet eyes of Mother Mary
Tears of blood, of a true and cruel pain,
allowing us to see that we have not repented
or turned away from sin.

Do not weep, blessed Lady: do not weep, forgive us.
May your humility touch this generation,
in order to see with your eyes
and to love with your pure and merciful heart.

Give us knowledge of sin, repentance,
conversion and salvation.

O good Jesus, I wish to profit from the teachings contained
in the tears of blood of Your Most Holy Mother
in order to fulfill Your Will,
so that one day we might be worthy to praise,
glorify and adore You for all eternity.

Beautiful Mother of Heaven,
pray to Jesus for our consolation,
and may your tears bring the light of love and peace.


Thank You, brothers and sisters, for creating this offering of love for Our Lord Jesus Christ and for our Blessed Mother.

Commentary of Luz de Maria

“Brothers and sisters, this morning, when our Most Holy Mother manifested with tears of her blessed and pure blood, let us welcome with profound sorrow these tears by which Our Mother expresses her anguish and pain concerning what is happening to humanity and, even more so, what will happen to humanity. Our Mother’s pain should not go unnoticed. We should bend our knees and, with sincere hearts, trusting in her maternal protection, pray to her Divine Son, adoring Him for those who do not adore Him, who do not love Him, and together with Our Mother, may our hearts, our being, our soul, our senses and feelings be fused with her in reparation for so many offenses and insults against her Divine Son and Our Most Holy Mother.

Brothers and sisters, we cannot go on ignoring the state of the world; we cannot continue as if nothing were happening. Let us look with discernment, the salve for our spiritual eyes that is given to us by the Holy Spirit, poured out here on earth in order to touch hearts.” 

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