The Era of Peace: Snippets from Many Private Revelations

In this post you will see a number of small snippets from a wide array of private revelations that speak of the coming Era of Peace; revelations which you can dive into in much greater depths by continuing to peruse this site!


Three months before working the most astounding miracle witnessed on earth since Moses lead Israel out of Egypt through the Red Sea (causing, as she did, the sun to dance in the sky before a crowd of 70,000; an event recorded even in the day’s secular newspapers), Our Lady promised at Fatima that “The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and an era of peace will be granted to the world.” Cardinal Ciappi was the Theologian of the Pontifical Household to five popes, and Pope St. John Paul II himself gave the cardinal’s funeral homily; in it referring to “[Ciappi’s] clear thinking, the soundness of his teaching and his undisputed fidelity to the Apostolic See, as well as his ability to interpret the signs of the times according to God…” [1]Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary for Families. Page 192. Ciappi, whose view of Fatima should clearly be seen as authoritative, wrote: “…a miracle was promised at Fatima. And that miracle will be an era of peace, which has never really been granted before to the world…” [2]“5 Saturdays, 1 Salvation.” Joseph Pronechan. National Catholic Register. Oct 9, 2005 Similarly, John Haffert, one of the world’s most respected and prolific promoters of the message of Fatima, wrote in The Great Event:

The conversion of the world is sure to come. The world will become His by our conversion and His intervention. … The Triumph will be a conversion event that will be so powerful and universal that all will be compelled to praise God for the magnificent works He has done in His creature, Mary … It will be a historical event of such magnitude that it will make all former moments of glory seem like shadows … (48-49)

In 2016, Monsignor Arthur Calkins, an expert on mystical theology and private revelation, wrote that the triumph of the Immaculate Heart which Our Lady promised at Fatima is “absolute,” and “…will usher in a new era of peace and the spread of Christ’s reign, [and] may be much closer than any of us would imagine.”

Divine Mercy (St. Faustina)

St. Faustina, whose revelations have received the highest degree not only of Church approval but of express commendation, wrote in her diary: “In spite of Satan’s anger, The Divine Mercy will triumph over the whole world and will be worshiped by all souls.” (§1789) Here Faustina prophesies a time on earth during which there is a triumph of the Faith in all souls alive. For the Last Judgment (the only possible alternative interpretation of this “triumph” about which Faustina speaks) occurs at the definitive end of time and is never referred to as the triumph of Mercy; rather, that is always referred to as the time of Universal and Absolute Justice. Earlier, Faustina wrote that she prayed for the “triumph of the Church,” (§240) and she desired that this triumph be “hastened.” (§1581) She would not have written these things if she did not believe such a triumph was possible and willed by God.

Blessed Conchita

Born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in the year 1862, and a wife and mother to nine children, Conchita was beatified in May 2019. Among her many prophecies of the Era are the following words of Jesus to her:

May the whole world have recourse to this Holy Spirit since the day of His reign has arrived. This last stage of the world belongs very specially to Him that He be honored and exalted. May the Church preach Him, may souls love Him, may the whole world be consecrated to Him, and peace will come along with a moral and spiritual reaction, greater than the evil by which the world is tormentedHe will come, I will send Him again clearly manifest in His effects, which will astonish the world and impel the Church to holiness…I want to return to the world in My priests. I want to renew the world of souls by making Myself seen in My priests. [3]Fr. Marie-Michel Philipon, O.P. CONCHITA: A Mother’s Spiritual Diary. Misc. excerpts.

Servant of God Cora Evans

An American laywoman, mother, and mystic who received revelations from Jesus on the Mystical Humanity of Christ, Cora’s cause for Beatification has begun. Jesus told her:

I am giving this gift through you, better to establish My Kingdom of love within souls. I desire all souls to know I am real, alive, and the same today as after My Resurrection. For My kingdom in souls to be better known is another step in the golden age, golden because souls in sanctifying grace resemble the light of the golden, noonday sun. In that golden kingdom, I may personally dwell if I am invited… (Golden Detachment of the Soul)

Queen of the Universe

In these apparitions which began in 1937 in Heede, Germany—and are not only approved by the Church, but also, according to the Church, enjoy “undeniable proofs of seriousness and authenticity”—the Virgin Mary appeared to four girls with grave messages. Later, in 1945, Jesus appeared to them with His own revelations, exhorting obedience to the earlier messages of His mother, and adding:

I am coming! I am at the door! My love has planned this action before the creation of the world…The world lies in dense darkness. This generation would deserve to be wiped out; but I wish to show Myself merciful…I am coming Myself and I will manifest my will…The things that will come shall surpass by far what happened. The Mother of God, My mother, and the Angels will take part in it. Hell by now believes itself certain of victory, but I will take it away…I am coming, and with me peace shall come. I will build my Kingdom with a small number of elect. This Kingdom will come suddenly, sooner than what one thinks. I will make My light shine, which to some will be blessing and to others darkness. Humanity will recognize my love and my power.

Fr. Ottavio Michelini

A priest, mystic, and member of the Papal Court of Pope St. Paul VI (one of the highest honors bestowed by a Pope on a living person), Fr. Ottavio received many revelations, documented in the 1976 book entitled Thou Knowest That I Love Thee. In this book, we read:

It will be the Mother, most holy Mary, who will crush the head of the serpent, thus beginning a new era of peace; it will be the advent of my Kingdom upon earth. It will be the return of the Holy Ghost for a new Pentecost. Hell will be defeated: my Church will be regenerated: My Kingdom, that is a kingdom of love, of justice and of peace, will give peace and justice to this humanity. (December 10, 1976) [The earth] will be made arid and desolate then “purified” by fire to be fertilized by the honest labor of the just escaped for the divine goodness to the tremendous hour of the divine anger. [Then] there will be the reign of God in the souls, that reign the just ask from God invoking “Thy Kingdom come.” (January 2, 1979)

Sr. Natalia of Hungary

A 20th-century nun whose messages bear a nihil obstat and an imprimatur, Sr. Natalia was given revelations from Jesus and Mary which read:

The end of sin is close, but not the end of the world. Soon no more souls will be lost. My words will be fulfilled, and there will only be one flock and one Shepherd. (Jn. 10:16) Pray, so that before the holy peace, and the great mercy for the world arrives, sinners may be converted and accept my mercy, amending their lives. … [The Virgin Mary revealed:] The age of world peace is not delayed. The Heavenly Father only wants to give time to those who are able to be converted and find refuge with God…” The Savior showed me that unceasing love, happiness and divine joy will signify [the] future clean world. I saw the blessing of God abundantly poured out upon the earth. Jesus then explained to me: “…the arrival of the era of paradise, when mankind will live as without sin. There will be a new world and a new era. It will be the era when humanity will recover what it lost in paradise. When my Immaculate Mother steps on the neck of the serpent…”

Elizabeth Kindelmann

The “flame of love” revelations to Elizabeth Kindelmann, a 20th-century Hungarian wife and mother, were approved by no fewer than four Archbishops (including two Cardinals and Archbishop Chaput). In them, we read:

[After being shown a vision, Elizabeth wrote:] my heart overflowed with a huge cheerfulness … I saw how Satan becomes blinded, and also the beneficial effects that men will reap from it, in the whole world. Under the effect of that gladness, I could hardly close my eyes during the whole night, and when a light sleep came on me, my guardian angel woke me saying: “How can you sleep like that, with such a great gladness which will shake the world?” [Immediately after her guardian angel said these words, Jesus revealed to Elizabeth more about what this blinding of Satan entails. Jesus said:] That Satan becomes blind means the world triumph of my Sacred-Heart, the liberation of souls, and that the road of Salvation will open in all its plenitude. (November 13th-14th, 1964) [In an undated entry from August 1962, Jesus said to Elizabeth:] Let the coming of my Kingdom be the aim of your life on earth.

Alicja Lenczewska

A Polish mystic and saintly woman who died in 2001 and received revelations from Jesus, Alicja had her messages approved in 2017. Below is a small selection of her messages from Jesus which prophesy a Glorious Era of Peace:

Satan and his servants will rejoice—as they rejoiced then in Jerusalem. But the time of their apparent victory will be short, for the morning will come of the Resurrection of the Holy Church, immortal, giving birth to new life on earth—the holiness of My children. (November 11, 2000) The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will triumph…the dawn and spring of the Holy Church is coming…A purification will be given that will bring the sons of darkness to the light of God’s Truth, and every person will according to their own will in the light of that Truth have to choose the Kingdom of My Father or give themselves over eternally to the father of lies … Mary is the one through whom will come the rebirth of My Church, so that it would shine with the full splendor of God’s Holiness. (June 8, 2002)

Servant of God Maria Esperanza

Maria Esperanza was a wife, mother, mystic, and recipient of the apparitions at Betania, Venezuela (approved by the Bishop in 1987). She died in 2004, and her cause for beatification has already officially opened. Michael Brown, a Catholic journalist who often spoke to her and knew her personally, wrote the following of her prophecies: “It was Esperanza’s view that Jesus would soon come in a different way than He did 2,000 years ago … what she called an ‘awakening’ … and that He would come ‘in the same way as He resurrected, as an apparition. That’s why I have been saying to be ready, because things are starting to happen…’” In his book, Call of the Ages, Dr. Petrisko shares more of Esperanza’s teachings regarding the Era:

In many interviews, Maria has spoken of the coming times. She indicates somewhat that she knows what the Era of Peace may be like and what it may bring… “The environment will be fresh and new, and we will be happy in our world, without the feeling of tension…This century is purifying; after will come peace and love…It will be in a way never before imagined by man, because the Light of His New Rising will be evident to everyone. And of course, man is still not ready for this, to accept these profound things, which actually are so simple and so clear, just as the water which comes down from the spring.” … [The Lord told Esparanza:] “I will come among you in a resplendent sun. My rays will reach all nations to illuminate you, to enlighten you, that you may rise and grow as plants grow, with fruits. You all have the right to receive the grace of God the Father.” (469-470)

Apostolate of Holy Motherhood

An anonymous young mother (“Mariamante”) received messages from Jesus and Mary in 1987 and these locutions are compiled in a book entitled The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood, which received both a nihil obstat and an imprimatur. Compiled and edited by Dr. Mark Miravalle, it reads:

This Era of Peace which will encompass the world will be the result of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, My Mother. The deplorable conditions in which the world now finds itself will be transformed into the likeness of My Father’s Kingdom for a time, and there will be peace. I say again, rejoice that you are privileged to live in this era. …The salvation of many souls is at stake. This is why so many extraordinary graces are being poured forth. The Era of My Mercy has come. It will unite Heaven and earth in one hymn of love to the Blessed Trinity. I call you to rejoicing. The time has come. So be it. Amen.

Fr. Stefano Gobbi (Marian Movement of Priests)

The founder of the Marian Movement of Priests, Fr. Gobbi, was an Italian priest, mystic, and theologian who died in 2011 and was the recipient of revelations (locutions) recorded in “the Blue Book,” the actual title of which is, To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons. This book bears full Ecclesiastical approbation; having an imprimatur from Bishops and Cardinals who not only approved these revelations, but also strongly encouraged their promotion. In them, we read multitudes of prophecies regarding the Era, a small selection of which are as follows:

Jesus, Who taught you the prayer for asking for the coming of God’s kingdom upon earth, will at last see this prayer of His fulfilled, for He will establish His Kingdom. And creation will return to being a new garden in which Christ will be glorified by all and His divine Kingship will be welcomed and exalted; it will be a universal Kingdom of Grace, beauty, harmony, communion, justice and peace. (July 3, 1987) In the hour of the great trial, paradise will be joined to earth, until the moment when the luminous door will be opened, to cause to descend upon the world the glorious presence of Christ, who will restore his reign in which the divine Will shall be accomplished in a perfect manner, as in heaven, so also on earth. (November 1, 1990)The new era, which I announce to you, coincides with the complete fulfillment of the divine will, so that at last there is coming about that which Jesus taught you to ask for, from the Heavenly Father: ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ This is the time when the divine will of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit is being accomplished by the creatures. From the perfect fulfillment of the divine will, the whole world is becoming renewed. (August 15, 1991)

Our Lady of Zaro

The apparitions of Our Lady of Zaro began in 1994 to several members of a prayer group in the diocese of Ischia in Southern Italy, and within Our Lady’s messages here we read:

At one point, I saw something like a great sun illuminating the whole earth and Mother told me: “Behold, when my heart will triumph everything will shine more than the sun.” (December 26, 2018) … everything stops: evil disappears, the screams and pain, the dead are gone, a great peace reigns and a single prayer is heard rising to heaven… My beloved children, learn to say to the Lord “Thy Will be done” and learn to accept it. (August 8, 2018) Go forward with courage and with the weapon of the Holy Rosary in your hands, pray for the salvation of souls and for the conversion of all humanity. Hard times await you, but do not turn away, be perseverant, because with your prayer and your suffering you can save many souls. My children, your ears will hear distant noises and clashes of war, the earth will yet tremble, but I am with you, do not be afraid; after the tribulation there will be peace and my Immaculate heart will triumph. (May 8, 2018)

In Sinu Jesu

The book, In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart—The Journal of a Priest at Prayer, contains the locutions received by an anonymous Benedictine monk beginning in the year 2007, and is considered authentic by the monk’s spiritual director. It contains both an imprimatur and a nihil obstat and is strongly endorsed by Cardinal Raymond Burke and many others. In it, Jesus tells this priest-monk:

My Immaculate Mother will instruct [priests] and, by her all-powerful intercession, obtain for them all the charisms necessary to prepare the world—this sleeping world—for My return in glory. I tell you this not to alarm you or to frighten anyone, but to give you cause for an immense hope and for pure spiritual joy. The renewal of My priests will be the beginning of the renewal of My Church …I will undo the destruction [the demons] have wrought and I will cause My priests and My Spouse the Church to recover a glorious holiness that will confound My enemies and be the beginning of a new era of saints. (March 2, 2010) The day is coming, and it is not far off … when I will intervene to triumph in My Eucharistic Heart by the conquering power of sacrificial love alone; when I will intervene to defend the poor and vindicate the innocents whose blood has marked this nation and so many others as did the blood of Abel in the beginning. (November 12, 2008) If more souls would give Me this freedom to act as I will, My Church would begin to know the springtime of holiness that is My burning desire for her. These souls, by their entire submission to all the dispositions of My providence, will be the ones to usher in My kingdom of peace and holiness on earth.


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2 “5 Saturdays, 1 Salvation.” Joseph Pronechan. National Catholic Register. Oct 9, 2005
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