The Great Refuge and Safe Harbour

The Church and countless prophetic revelations refer to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as an “ark”… but where, then, is she sailing to? The answer is the Heart of Christ. Pope John Paul II spoke of the “admirable alliance of hearts” of Jesus and Mary, closely linked to the redemption of mankind.

We can say that the mystery of the Redemption took shape beneath the heart of the Virgin of Nazareth when she pronounced her “fiat”. From then on, under the special influence of the Holy Spirit, this heart, the heart of both a virgin and a mother, has always followed the work of her Son and has gone out to all those whom Christ has embraced and continues to embrace with inexhaustible love. —POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II, Redemptoris HominisEncyclical Letter, n. 22

In The Great Refuge and Safe Harbour, an incredibly consoling article, Mark Mallett helps “sail” the reader into the harbour of Divine Mercy, that ocean of grace that Jesus offers to even the most hardened sinner. If you feel you are unworthy of Christ’s love, if you feel you are lost and that you have “missed the boat,” then this article is for you: The Great Refuge and Safe Harbour at The Now Word.

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