Valeria Copponi – I Have Come to Comfort You

Our Lady to Valeria Copponi April 8, 2020:

I have come to comfort you. My dearly beloved children, never as now have you all been in the greatest discouragement. Be serene, because whoever is near to us is preserved from every calamity [see comment below]. I love you and even in pain I want to calm your hearts. Jesus and I are closer to you than ever and we want you to follow us and the Word of the Father who heals every wound. These are the final throes of Satan and he is tormenting you as he is able. I repeat—follow and respect the laws of God if you want to live in peace of heart. My children, your earth has been invaded by evil spirits: if you do not pray and entrust yourselves totally to us, you will not succeed in emerging from this terrible trial. At this moment, if you demonstrated to yourselves, first of all, that God is Love, you would live this darkness with more light in your hearts. God is love—never forget him, and he will not leave his children in the hands of Satan. I repeat to you, do not fear, since heaven and earth will pass but the Word and love of God will never pass away. Pray, open your hearts, ask of your Father with the certainty of being heard. I am with you, I love you and will not abandon even the most disobedient child. Offer up your sufferings for your brothers and sisters who do not believe, and who for this very reason will die of fear and heartbreak. Easter is approaching and teaches you that Jesus has conquered death. You will be conquerors if you entrust yourselves to Him completely. Courage, my children.


Comment: This raises the same question as how to interpret the words of Jesus to his followers in Luke 21:18 that “not a hair of your head will perish,” when so many of them were martyred. But death, in itself, is not necessarily a calamity; for the faithful it is a reward since it leads to the beatific vision in Heaven.
No devotions act like magical charms, overriding our free will. Instead, they act as channels of grace that help us to submit to the Will of God and thus enjoy the many benefits and effects that God’s grace alone bestows. Promises of physical protection due to spiritual practices, found in private revelation, should be taken very seriously, but should not be treated like absolute guarantees or, worse, as dispensations from what is infinitely more important than physical protection; namely, a loving surrender to God’s Will in all things, at all times, no matter what; knowing that nothing but perfect love, for our good, is found within this Holy Will.
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