Valeria Copponi – Your Preoccupations Aren’t from God

Our Lady to Valeria Copponi , April 29, 2020:

My dear children, your preoccupation does not come from God. Do you still consider him your Father? Then you have nothing to fear. Who can help you more than He can? My children, praise him and pray to him more often: then you will see wonders.

I am close to you and I urge you to decide about your lives. Do not waste any more time with negative news that ends up poisoning your life. God is the one who decides about your life: in obedience to Him you are safe; only those who do not have faith can doubt His love. It is true that you are in a time of trial but this does not mean that you cannot emerge from it victorious.

Believe, pray to your God and leave preoccupations and fears to the spiritually poor. Live and believe that the Creator alone can do everything. Feel protected; pray more, including for your non-believing brothers and sisters. Pray for the church that is crumbling.* Be closer, with prayer, to all those who, although suffering, are not drawing near to their Creator.

I have been speaking and advising many of you for such a long time, showing you all my love for you, but also my terrible sufferings because of my distant and disobedient children. I ask you again, tiny remnant, help me! Never as in these times have I had to suffer and weep at your behavior, which is not ordered to the commandments of God. Help these children of mine to recover their senses and above all to believe in hell, true eternal torture for souls.

I love you so much; be awake, do not be found unprepared. May God the Father bless you.

*la chiesa che sta sfaldandosi. Alternative translations: “the church which is flaking/unravelling”. [Translator’s note.]



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