Valeria – Holiness Means Salvation!

“Mary, your Mother and Teacher” to Valeria Copponi on June 9th, 2021:

My little children, only if you let your hearts be set on fire by the Holy Spirit will you be able to follow my advice, which is vital for all of you. Those who, although they believe, let their hearts grow cold, will no longer be able to find the way that leads to salvation. Little children, I am telling you this so that you would not go far away from God’s Word. I am with you, but if you do not put into practice what your ears and hearts hear, you will remain cold and absent regarding what is truly important for living in holiness. Remember that holiness means salvation; if you want to enter and participate in eternal life, you must attain holiness. Begin to offer up your pain and all the negativity that you experience every day, and you will notice that life is not so difficult and bitter as it seems. You know full well that earthly life is brief: I tell you that it is the test of your love for God, your Creator and Lord. When you will finally be able to enjoy His presence, you will be eternally happy and forget the pains that you went through on earth. I love you and want to have you all with me; pray that the times of testing would soon be accomplished and that you might savor eternal sweetness. Pray and fast from what distances you from God; if you ask for the grace to renounce sin, temptations will become weaker and rarer. Jesus is with you — with each one of you, especially in the the trials that you will yet have to face. I bless you and protect you.


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