Valeria – I Am Not the One Punishing

Jesus to Valeria Copponi September 30, 2020:

My daughter, I am not the one punishing you, but you yourselves with your evil actions are attracting Satan and all other evil spirits. You, my little remnant, make it clear to those closest to you that I do not want to punish you for your sins, for your shortcomings, any more than what you are bringing upon yourselves! Do not do evil even to those who do not deserve your goodness; I suggest that you pray greatly for these far-off children of mine; through your sacrifice many souls may be saved. I always lead you to the conquest of goodness; your good works touch my heart and then I seek to heal many of the sick among you. Diseases of the body are nothing compared to the evil that tortures many souls; you know full well that far from God there is no happiness but only sadness. Be bearers of peace; you are realizing that peace is found only in God, so treasure this awareness of yours and help, as much as you can, those children of mine who prefer to take their own lives in the face of very heavy trials. I love you and I desire that with your good works you might bring sinners back to my heart, especially those who no longer know of My sacrifice offered, above all for them, on the Cross. Entrust these hard hearts to Me, offer Me prayers and sacrifices, and I will use all My mercy towards them. 
The earth will no longer give you fruit, the sky will be covered with clouds, your hearts will close even more and Satan will carry off my disobedient children. My children, pray and ask continuously for forgiveness for all the offenses of my disobedient children. I bless you from high up on My Cross.
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