Valeria – My Children Who Used to Believe . . .

“Jesus of Mercy” to Valeria Copponi on May 25th, 2022:

My child, so dear to my Heart, I am your Jesus of Mercy. Consider yourselves to be fortunate children, for you have a Father God and His Son who allowed Himself to be crucified for your salvation. I want to speak to you as I did with our first apostles. Beloved children, I can say that in those days I had few children [people] who believed in Me, but today, My children who used to believe in Me have turned their backs on Me, and do you know why? The things of the world are more important for them than the Son of God, He who gave His own life for the salvation of His children.
Dearest little children, I want your next prayers to be addressed to My Father specifically for the salvation of My children who have become lost, preferring the useless things of the world. You can tell them that you are at the end of these very bad times, and then I and My Most Holy Mother will return to save from hell all our children who will make themselves known as true children of God. I ask this of you since your hearts are open to love. My children, I need loving children like yourselves who do not tire of commending your children to me, as well as all those who have turned away from God. I thank you now already, as I read your affirmative responses in your hearts.  In My next, My  second coming, I want to find all My children obedient to My Father. My children, become apostles of peace and I will embrace you at My second coming. I bless you with My promise of eternal salvation. I, Jesus, bless you in the name of the Father, in My Name and that of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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