Valeria – Offer Your Sufferings with Love

“Your Most Holy Mother Mary” to Valeria Copponi on May 24th, 2023:

I am with you and will not leave you, even for a moment. You mothers understand me, especially in the most difficult moments, you know well that she who loves her children would be ready to offer her life for them. And I understand well how much we mothers would do for the welfare of our children.
I firstly showed you how strong I was at the foot of the Cross of my only Son. Dearly beloved, [plural] try to speak to your children about Jesus, about His love, about His faithfulness.
He could have lived without going through all that suffering, but He offered Himself, even to the point of giving His life on the Cross, precisely as a testimony to the greatness of the love that He has for all of you.

I, your Heavenly Mother, invite you to go on your way without being afraid of what you may encounter on your journey. 
Remember that with love you can overcome all the obstacles you encounter on the earthly path. Always offer your sufferings with love, and Jesus will reward you with His infinite love when you return from the cold earth.

My children, draw near to Holy Communion, receive Jesus in your heart, and pray to Him, above all, to save you from all the dangers that you encounter on your earthly path. Your return to the Father will be your eternal reward.

I am close to you; do not fear. The times are coming to an end, and you will be rewarded with true life, eternal life beside your Father.

“Jesus your brother” on May 17th, 2023:

My beloved children, ask yourselves this question: why is the climate against us? The answer can be said quickly: have you respected nature? No. You believe that you have become the masters of this world, and nature is making itself heard by responding, above all, with the weather, with these disasters. (1)
You have now realized that what you want to change with your own hands will never give you what you set out to obtain. Nature is revolting against you, and faced with certain disasters, you no longer know how to respond.
My dearest children, say, “My fault, my most grievous fault.” Your heart will always give you better answers, if you let My Will enter your hearts.
I am like a good father, I know what you need to live your lives at ease and in agreement with one another. If you let Satan enter your hearts, you will soon realise that the good which you need will flee far from you.
My children, go back to praying to your Good Shepherd; ask with love and you will be answered with love and above all with justice. You have only lost everything because you have put your ego in God’s place.
Convert, My children, otherwise My Father will answer your requests in the same way that you ask. If you return to Him with true conversion, everything will come back to the earth, good and just.
I will pray to the Father in order to obtain the conversion of all your hearts.
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  1. Message received in the context of historic and lethal flooding in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Translator’s note.[]
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