Valeria – Pray for the Young

“Your heavenly Mother” to Valeria Copponi on March 1, 2023:

I am here with you: a mother cannot leave you on your own when you, dearly beloved children, call upon her. My children, unfortunately, the times to come will be even more complicated, but do not fear, I will never leave you on your own. Your world is getting worse every day and My Son is suffering too much; I believe that you will not have to wait much longer, as He loves you and He does not want that, every day, someone should suffer and die because of the wickedness of other brothers and sisters. Enough now! You do not deserve, some of you, to suffer excessively because of the wickedness of some.
Continue to pray and to intercede for these young people who no longer know what evil is. Please, you who still pray to the Eternal Father, continue to make sacrifices in order to offer them for young people, who, losing their faith, are killing each other. Always set a good example, as too many young people are losing their lives because of Satan’s temptations. Not believing only leads my children to harm one another. I am suffering greatly; I pray to Jesus for these disobedient children of mine, but Satan holds them tightly, because they allow him to do so. My little children, I count so much on you; do not tire of praying and fasting, so that these young little children of mine would find the true way, the way that leads to Jesus and therefore to their eternal joy. I thank you for these intercessions of yours, I bless you and protect you.
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