Valeria – Prayer Distinguishes My Children

“Mary, She who shows the way” to Valeria Copponi on October 14th, 2020:

Little children, may the prayer that you recite very frequently with your lips be what distinguishes you from those who do not have faith: recite the “Credo” with sincerity. All prayers reach God, but if you pray this prayer from the depths of your heart, you present yourselves to the Father in the first person. Your very first words are “I believe”, and the whole Trinity receive your precious words with great joy. Perhaps you do not realize what you are repeating, but the Father accepts your prayer, particularly when you testify to the resurrection of the dead and to eternal life. In these times your politicians ought to recite these words often, but unfortunately they are precisely the ones who do not believe in eternal life, otherwise they would not commit so many sins, above all those against the Most Holy Trinity.

Little children, pray your Credo presenting your brothers and sisters to My Son. Earthly life passes for them as well, and unfortunately, if they do not change their lives, they will lose them for ever. I am coming to you precisely so that you would take your testimony of faith to these unbelieving children. The world will pass and the words of the Credo will help you to withstand [1]Italian: “superare”, literally to “overcome” in the sense of “make it through” or “successfully face”. Translator’s note. God’s judgment. Never be doers of injustice: even accept offenses [done to you] on account of your Credo, but never forget that you, in your poverty, will be the true victors, those who are truly called and rewarded by God. Little children, I love you; do not listen to those who would wish to lead you down the wrong path. I bless and comfort you in the time of trials.
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1 Italian: “superare”, literally to “overcome” in the sense of “make it through” or “successfully face”. Translator’s note.
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