Valeria – Surrender Without Hesitation

Our Lady “Mary, consoler of the afflicted” to Valeria Copponi on November 18th, 2020:

My children, if you give glory to God it means surrendering yourselves into His hands without any hesitation. I tell you that no one can give you more certainty than He can. Do not be afraid in these difficult times, since the darkness that covers your minds cannot change the ways or thought of the Almighty. Entrust yourselves completely to the One who has always thought of you, and do not waste your time with those who might lead you astray. He who Is, can change your lives, making them resemble My Son Jesus both in small and great things. He too became human on earth but the Spirit never left the place that will also belong to you who are living on earth, according to his Word.(1) I advise each of you to follow the path that leads to God; it may certainly seem uncomfortable at times, but I assure you that it will lead you to heaven, the dwelling-place that will give you that joy which you cannot yet taste on earth. Why fear, why suffer, why look for what we cannot reveal to you yet? Have trust, total trust in your God, and in the time to come, you will find answers to all your questions. I repeat to you: do not be afraid; I always advise you for your good, you only have to trust my words blindly, since it is Jesus who is using Me to reach you.(2) Be strong in the trials: the victory will be for all the children who have believed without seeing. Little Children, the blessing of Jesus is descending upon each of you; entrust yourselves to Him who can do everything.
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  1. Even though the Holy Spirit descended upon the Church at Pentecost, He remains eternally in Heaven since God is omnipresent. [Translator’s note] []
  2. This admonition should be taken as encouraging total trust in Our Lady herself, not as insisting upon ‘blind’ trust in any particular private revelation[]
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