Valeria – The Summit of Arrogance

“Your Heavenly Mother” to Valeria Copponi on June 30th, 2021:

My dearly beloved little children, do not be afraid because, before long, the devil will be defeated. Jesus — He who is victorious — will no longer allow him to harm our dearly beloved children. I will console you in the most dramatic moments that you are going to experience, but I [also] promise you that all the prayers you have addressed to me during all this time will be helpful to every one of you.

My children, you know full well that only God can do everything; you, inhabitants of planet earth, think that you have conquered everything that there was to be conquered, but this is not how it is. Unfortunately, your brains can [only] discover what the Creator of the world allows. You have reached the summit; now, what remains to you is time for conversion. Heaven is about to open for all those who, knowing the Creator, ask forgiveness for all their offenses towards the Most Holy Trinity — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Ask for forgiveness from the depths of your hearts and you will have remission for your sins. Then you will have the pleasure of praising, blessing and glorifying the Absolute Master of the whole universe.

My little children, continue on the way that Jesus pointed out to you through his Crucifixion; you will overcome all the obstacles that will appear before you in the days to come, so that you may gain eternal joy. I am always with you: I will embrace you and will never abandon you; we will be one heart and one spirit in the unity of the Eternal Father. May His copious blessing descend upon you through me.

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