Valeria – The Time Has Come

From “Jesus, Man and God” to Valeria Copponi on October 28th, 2020:

The Holy Spirit is flooding this little church and all of you in order to purify your hearts, your minds and your whole selves. I, Jesus, Son of God made man, descend into your hearts because never as in these times do you need My true and holy presence.
I became a man like you, I worked on your earth, I sought to tell and to teach your fathers the Word of God, but unfortunately man has always wanted to take the place of the Creator.
Children, the time has come when you will have to go back to believing that there has only ever been “One Sole” God. Always remember this word “ever”: it means “timeless” — outside of your time. Therefore, since you are all mortal beings, start considering that you will have to leave this earth, like it or not. You are mortal beings: none of you will be able to enjoy this earth forever, but I tell you: begin in all humility to consider that your life will be short and you will have to give an account of your works to the One who Is greater than you. My Father will forgive only those who, in the depths of their hearts, acknowledge their sins. I do not want to do violence to you today by speaking to you in this way, but I want to make this clear to each person in order to prepare you for my second coming among you. Do not let these words of mine frighten you, but may they give you clarity to you in such a way that no one will be able to say: “I did not know” that everything you are experiencing on this earth will soon, truly come to an end. My Word Is Truth and as such you must accept it and meditate on it deeply, for your own good. My children, my love for you is very great and I will not leave you to damn yourselves. The Holy Spirit is upon you; may He show you the True Way, may He lead you to Heaven.
Jesus, Man and God.
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