Valeria – The Time is About to End

“Mary, Consoler” to Valeria Copponi on March 8, 2023:

My beloved children, remember one thing: “obedience is holy.” Perhaps in recent times this saying has disappeared from your memories, but I want to remind you of it in these modern times. Obey Jesus first, then your parents, then those who lead you to honor the Holy Spirit. I love you, but how many of you recognize the validity of the word “love”? In these last times, everything has changed on your earth: you no longer love, you no longer forgive, you no longer respect. Everything is owed to you; unfortunately, this is not the case — it is necessary to merit [something] before having it.

Jesus first merited His children’s good, giving His life for all of you. I advise you to remember that my Son gave His life on the cross for each one of you; He offered Himself without “ifs” and “buts”; His infinite love conquered everything. He did not choose for whom He would give His life: each one of His children was able to benefit from His infinite love.

My children, what more can we do to show how great is our love for you? Do you not understand that as soon as you ask forgiveness for your sins, the Father is happy to give you His forgiveness? Then confess again all your shortcomings and Heaven will open for you once more.


“Jesus Crucified, your Savior” on March 15, 2023:

It is Jesus speaking to you and blessing you. My children, you know full well that you are living in the end times and I do not hide from you that they will be the most difficult, with the greatest suffering. I suffered so much for each one of you, for your salvation, as I want you to be able to choose what is best and right for you. You call this time “a time of suffering, a time of Lent”, but I assure you that there are few of you left who offer up your sufferings for the salvation of all your brothers and sisters.

My beloved children, My Spirit never leaves you, otherwise, Satan would make you his own. Be very careful in your speech and all the more so in your actions: the Devil uses all his cunning in order to turn you into his followers.

I will never leave you, but seek to pray and to participate in My sacrifice in the Holy Mass. Receive Me in your hearts, for only in this way can you drive away the adversary. In these end times, give me your time, your offerings to your brothers and sisters, and your sacrifices large and small. I am with you, My dearest little children; ask your heavenly Mother for help. Pray and fast, especially from sins of speech, works and omissions, and I will always be in your hearts. Pray and fast, especially from offensive words.


“Mary, your Advocate” on March 22, 2023:

I am here with you, my little children; I love you so much and I hope that you will do the same for Me. You see how time flees and you have to count the days rather than the hours. It is true that everything has shortened for the world: everyone is in a hurry and you no longer have time for prayer and meditation. My children, I no longer know what to say to you; a time will come when you will have to abandon the things of the world, so I ask you: are you ready to face God’s judgment? Prepare yourselves, for the time is about to end. (1)

Too many of my children allow themselves to be absorbed solely with the things of the world. I recommend that you listen to what I have been telling you for so long — let Holy Mass be the moment of greatest intimacy with My Son; ask Him, and you will have the assurance that He will give you what is best for your spirit.

During this time of Lent, pray and fast, especially from speaking ill of your friends and relatives from whom you do not receive what you need most.  I am with you: count on me, pray to your Father; may my intercession be helpful to you and comfort your souls. Do not waste these last times on ephemeral things, but entrust yourselves and your families to Jesus, who will give you what you need spiritually. I am always with you: ask Me and I will ask Jesus for eternal life for you.


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  1. ie. this era, not the end of the world.[]
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