Valeria – Time is Pressing

“Mary, the Woman clothed with the sun” to Valeria Copponi on January 5th, 2022:

My daughter, I come to you as Most Holy Mary, Mother of God. You have understood correctly: the Mother of God. My Son, the Son who is currently being offended in every way, at every opportunity, in every [written] line, with your mouths, with inhuman words, with blasphemies, this dear Son of mine — remember, unworthy children — this Son is God! The God who will count all your gratuitous insults, all the offensive words that you use to offend my name and that of the created order. Unworthy children, soon you will be called to account for all your evil actions, and then I wish that you would acknowledge all your shortcomings and ask your Savior Jesus Christ for forgiveness. Ungrateful children, kneel before Jesus Crucified for all your sins and commit to asking deeply for forgiveness, with tears of repentance accompanying your apologies. As Jesus forgave those who wronged Him, so He will have compassion on you, poor human beings, and will forgive your faults.
Little children, I am still interceding for you: I cannot lose you — Satan cannot take my beloved and cherished children from me; but you need to help me with your good works and with your authentic prayers, felt in the depths of your hearts. Time is pressing; do not get lost in the sinful meanderings of your earthly world — turn your gaze to Heaven, where God will give you the reward that you deserve. I love you, my children. Do not disappoint my expectations — I want you all to be with me. I bless you and hold you tightly under my mantle. May Jesus hear your supplications.
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