Valeria – You are Severely Tested

Mary, Consoler of the Afflicted to Valeria Copponi on December 2nd, 2020:

My most dearly beloved children, I see your hearts being severely tested, but I tell you: do not fear, for the ancient serpent will not be able to harm my children who are obedient to their Eternal Father. Continue living and proceed as you always have. Times may change but the love and attention that your Father has for you will never change. I am with you and am always ready to protect you against evil. See how worried many of your brothers are who are living far from Divine grace, yet you have Me: the devil can do nothing against you when you have my name on your lips. Always remember in the darkest moments to repeat the name of Jesus and mine: you will see peace and joy miraculously return to your hearts. May prayer always be on your lips: you will never have a better medicine. Always carry my weapon [the Rosary] with you, use it in times of need with the certainty that you will be listened to and protected from all evil. The devil can do nothing in the face of your faith in God. Always be sure that from every good work nothing but love and forgiveness ensue for the most wretched of human creatures. None of you are perfect, so you must pray without ceasing to your Father, the Only Most Perfect Being. Always keep yourselves in purity of thought, because then all your works will give precious results and their full value.(1) I bless you, my children; always ask in your prayers for faith, which will always lead you on the path that leads to Jesus. Do not be afraid: we are always with you.
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  1. Italian: daranno il cento per cento, literal translation “will give a hundred percent”.[]
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