A Cold Warning

A news story this week reminded several of us here of some similar prophecies around the world. The headline published on January 6th, 2021 says:

Scientists warn of extreme winter weather in early 2021 due to sudden stratospheric warming. studyfinds.org

The article based on a study goes on to say:

Researchers report a major meteorological event is occurring high in the sky above the North Pole. This sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event is estimated to occur in early January 2021. What exactly does that mean? The Earth’s stratosphere is a layer of the atmosphere located around six to 30 miles above the ground. Scientists consider an SSW event to be among the most extreme atmospheric phenomena. It usually leads to an atmospheric temperature increase of roughly 122 degrees Fahrenheit within just a few days!… SSW events are known to subsequently produce periods of extreme cold weather and intense snow storms.

We are not suggesting that this coming atmospheric event is necessarily the one described in the following prophecies (SSW events are not uncommon). But the words of Our Lady to Gisella Cardia this week remind us that this is the time for the fulfillment of prophecy in the months and years to come. 

My children, pay attention, because everything that is about to happen should open your eyes and make you see that God’s justice and punishment are upon you. —January 3rd, 2020; “The Road of the Antichrist is Opening

With that, here is a prophetic consensus from around the world on a sudden change in weather…

Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer :

Too many are seeking comfort in a way that is leading them to sin and their souls are not prepared to meet Me… As the winter winds blow forth, the snow will come and cities and towns will not be seen as a great cold will come that has not plagued mankind before, and will not cease for a great period of time. China will push forward making a greater presence upon America as the change of power and currency begins to come forth.  —August 18th, 2011
My child, the cold air is coming. As the winter winds usher forth, you will see a freeze in the markets across the world. The truth will be seen by each and every soul of the greed that has filtered into man’s way of living. I will be the means by which true simplification will come forth and the only way in which hearts can be restored is by turning to My mercy, for I am Jesus. —September 20th, 2011
My child, I am coming! I am coming! It will be an era upon mankind in which every corner of the earth will know of My existence. I tell you My child that great change is coming, for the cycle of the earth will announce itself upon mankind and will catch many off guard. Ice will come and following that a great cold that has never fallen upon mankind since the beginning of creation. —December 28th, 2010 

My child, I ask My children where is your refuge? Is your refuge in worldly pleasures or in My Most Sacred Heart? I spoke to My children of the cold that is going to come forth, but I tell you now about the wind that will come forth, and followed will be fire. The winds will come across the plains of America and in the heart of this nation will be an earthquake that will divide this country in a greater way. China* will send forth its army and Russia will join its enemy to seek to rule over this nation of freedom. In the East, where this statue of freedom dwells, the cities will be blackened… The seven continents of the world will be at war as the financial collapse will one by one bring nation upon nation to its knees. Following this cold will be a heat at a time when the world should be sleeping in winter’s covering. —January 1st, 2011 

* Note: this week Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the need for “full-time combat readiness” and said the People’s Liberation Army must be ready to “act at any second”.[1]January 5th, 2021; msn.com

An angel and Our Lord to Valentina Papagna of Australia:

The angel said, “Soon, the world will experience a freezing temperature. You had better warn people about what is coming, and also tell them to keep their warm clothes, not to throw them away because they will need them. This freezing cold will last for four years.” (Please note, like most prophecies which speak of chastisements, this particular detail is doubtless conditional, and should not cause anxiety in those who read it. Although this message — like all the living seers’ messages we present on Countdown to the Kingdom — is presented as simply for your discernment, we should note that we know of no seer whom we regard as likely authentic that has received messages which admonish storing any more than three months worth of food and supplies [and at that, as a mere practicality in these times as opposed to fear-based self-preservation]. Additionally, one would expect that this four year period, if indeed it is to transpire as here prophesied, would overlap with the three and a half year reign of the Antichrist, during which the remnant is protected miraculously in refuges. See the Scripture below from Revelation where indeed, cold weather events are part of the chastisements.)
At the same time as I was receiving this message, our Lord Jesus appeared. He came to explain the message; why we will receive the cold and freezing weather. Our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I, Your Lord, want to tell you that the hearts of humanity have become cold and frozen. That is why they will experience this freezing cold temperature in the weather.” 
He said, “See, My child, the Coronavirus did not change humanity at all. The world did not repent of their sins but continued to offend Me, and many people will die in this cold, freezing temperature. There will be crop failures, and animal populations will die, as will people, especially those living in poor housing, with no heat or warmth. There will be tremendous suffering.”

“See, My child, how I beg humanity to change, but they just ignore Me. They forget where they have come from; from nothing!” He said.

 —December 9th, 2020

Here, the Scripture comes to mind:

…many will be led into sin; they will betray and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and deceive many; and because of the increase of evildoing, the love of many will grow cold. (Matt 24:10-12)

And thus, even against our will, the thought rises in the mind that now those days draw near of which Our Lord prophesied: “And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.”  —POPE PIUS XI, Miserentissimus Redemptor, Encyclical on Reparation to the Sacred Heart, n. 17


From a meditation by Janet Klasson (aka. “Pelianito”) from her prophetic writings:

Dream: I dreamed that we were being warned about a sudden cold front, more severe and fast-moving than ever had been seen before. It would come down from the arctic and swoop down to cover all of North America and beyond. Almost as soon as we heard the warning it was upon us, even though the weather had been nice just before. Suddenly there was thick frost on the windows. The dream ended there. —September 2nd, 2013


Our Lady to Francine Bériault

“La Fille du Oui à Jésus” talked about extreme cold in a presentation given in Plantagenet, Ontario, Feb 19, 2011. In her scenario, what brings about the cold is the arrival of a celestial body which she terms “la masse” (a heavy object) and which seems to be a comet:
The Mother of God has asked us to pray, to make sacrifices, and Heaven said, “what could cause the great wave [i.e. a tsunami to hit Canada] could be an object coming from outside: it will combine with global warming so that the atmosphere turns apocalyptic.” We have seen that the effects of global warming mean that rays have reached us from the sun, and this ought not to be the case because the world was surrounded by a [layer of] protection, but this is no longer there, there are holes more or less everywhere. This will have a very great impact when the object goes by. The object will pass very close by: it will not strike the earth, because our prayers have made God listen to our “yes”, our faith, our love for our brothers and sisters.

Jesus said at Christmas, on Christmas Day itself: “I am changing the trajectory of the object”, but it will pass very close to us. NASA is unable to calculate its speed, as it is gathering speed on its own, and the more it advances, the more its speed increases, and what it drags along with it makes it advance, advance, and everything spins. This movement means that it carries along with it everything around it, and what is on the outside, all around it, is very cold, but its centre very near to it is like a blazing fire: it is very hot. When it will pass by, the cold mass which will appear invisible to us will be as cold as ice, and it will touch the atmosphere. Because it will touch the atmosphere, what is caught up in this movement will be unable to resist this cold. […] When the mass passes by […], we will be given endurance with respect to this cold according to our prayers. […] When the cold comes, all those who keep their peace, all those of us who will be in their inner refuge will not feel the cold like the others, because Jesus will be present with us and will be our strength.”

Again, we submit this to readers for their discernment as seers are not scientists and may not always express such explanations perfectly. (cf. https://lafilleduouiajesus.org/plantagenet_soir19fevrier2011.htm)

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on January 14th, 2019:

Here we see again a consensus on coming drops in temperature, but not necessarily on the cause.

The emanation from the eruptions of a super-volcano will form a cloud of gases that will prevent the sun from penetrating the earth[‘s atmosphere], and this will cause a greenhouse effect. Temperatures will decrease so much that in tropical countries will cause a number of deaths. Moving from one country to another will be impossible and humanity will feel that its progress has been of no use. You, my children, do not lose faith: what man will not be capable of doing, Divine omnipotence will do.


Our Lady to El Salvadorian seer Sulema (who resides in Québec, Canada) from The Illumination of Conscience, Vol I.:

Yes, my child, you must prepare yourself to live this change that the children of light will experience in a special way. It will be an event for all the children on earth, but you are going to experience it differently. What for others will be the cause of confusion, fear, distress, great fear, will be for you the joy of feeling and glimpsing Him whom your hearts love. Yes, I am speaking of the Illumination of conscience, which others call “the warning”. Continue to recite the act of contrition as you feel the need to do so, and above all be quick to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation in order to receive God’s forgiveness and the graces flowing from it. I am not telling you that this is going to happen soon, straight away. Certain things must happen beforehand, natural events: yes, there will be an icy cold that will envelop you, a cold unknown to my children… Take a good look: do you think that the death of so very many birds in different parts of the planet, of so many fish, is a coincidence? In truth, my child, I tell you that this is the presage of what is coming, of what is at your gates: a mega-earthquake, brutal cold, not mentioning the wild wind, a new element that will sweep away everything in its path; and afterwards will come a stifling heat… When this happens, tell yourself that the Illumination of conscience is very near, giving way to the great persecution that the Church will undergo in order to provide the antichrist with a triumphal entry. —January 8, 2011
Nature is really unleashed, it is crying to its Creator for vengeance, it has pity for the earth which is saturated with the blood of so many of the innocent, of so many aborted babies, with such violence of all sorts… I am so afflicted at all that awaits you. Believe me, my child, it will be terrible for some nations, especially those that are against life. The Father will unleash the elements of nature until the moment when He will say: it is enough!, making way for the great Illumination of Conscience, the moment when every child [meaning God’s children, including adults] will experience a particular judgment, the instant when everything will stop to listen to God’s voice. You will see how all creation obeys the voice of its Creator, except for the human being who considers himself superior to Him, going so far as to deny the existence of God, the Creator of the whole universe. —February 2nd, 2011
Look, there are also new diseases created by man, as they want to reduce humanity [i.e. the human population], they want to reduce it by all sorts of means, at any cost, to the detriment of the innocent. Man is dominated by his thirst for power, for money and for idols of all kinds. He has become worse than the wild beasts. —March 1, 2011
In these days in which you are living, the children of earth are blind. They see the events around them and, even so, they do not understand. Their hearts are slow to believe the many warnings that Heaven has given them, slow to believe in the prophecies concerning the Illumination of Conscience. Believe it or not, my children, it is coming quickly: my Divine Son Jesus has said so. It will be preceded by all sorts of catastrophes: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hail, an icy cold, a wind that will sweep away all before it, a very, very strong storm, a deadly heat when the comet approaches… Do you see how you have been warned of this and yet you do not want to believe? —April 27, 2011


Last, consider these passages from the Bible that speak of God’s justice through atmospheric events and cosmic signs:

Large hailstones like huge weights came down from the sky on people, and they blasphemed God for the plague of hail because this plague was so severe. (Revelation 16:21)

Listen to his angry voice and the rumble that comes forth from his mouth! Everywhere under the heavens he sends it, with his light, to the ends of the earth. Again his voice roars, his majestic voice thunders; he does not restrain them when his voice is heard. God thunders forth marvels with his voice; he does great things beyond our knowing. He says to the snow, “Fall to the earth”; likewise to his heavy, drenching rain. He shuts up all humankind indoors, so that all people may know his work. The wild beasts take to cover and remain quiet in their dens. Out of its chamber the tempest comes forth; from the north winds, the cold. With his breath God brings the frost, and the broad waters congeal. The clouds too are laden with moisture, the storm-cloud scatters its light. He it is who changes their rounds, according to his plans, to do all that he commands them across the inhabited world. Whether for punishment or mercy, he makes it happen. (Job 37:2-13)

There will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars, and on earth nations will be in dismay, perplexed by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will die of fright in anticipation of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Luke 21:25-26)

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1 January 5th, 2021; msn.com
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