Alicja Lenczewska – Preparing a Remnant in the Divine Will

God the Father Alicja Lenczewska on October 18, 1988:

My daughter, be not afraid, and be courageous in carrying out My will.

Say that a new epoch is coming, in which the Holy Spirit will directly guide the hearts of My children, and Mary will take care and watch over them in great nearness of heart. Do not be afraid, for I have made future things known to you and revealed my intention for the healing of My Church. The means of spiritual development and worship up until now were good for the years that are now ending. The means and worship established by people obedient to My will were suited to a time of stability, a time of peace and normal life for My people. They have turned into a crust, schematic and merely formal, covering an enormous void and the betrayal of their God. And they are, as in the time of My Son, a blanched sepulcher of faith and daily living with the Father. The time is coming for the breaking of the crust covering up the living hearts of My children. I thirst for hearts that are alive, fervent, pulsating with love and with devotion to the Father, who is Love and Life.

Therefore I am preparing My children for a living faith. Therefore I am teaching how to live with Me at every moment and everywhere. The world is Mine, although defiled by the pride and vanity of Satan. I desire holiness of life in the world in harmony with My will and love. Just as a newborn cannot live without its mother, so My children ought to desire nothing other than Me and My will.

I do not want ceremony and to be addressed with your lips [alone]. I do not want your human initiatives and activity. I do not want the mortifications for Me that you have invented. I want your love and submission to My will. Only such a faith and relationship with Me will save you in the days of destruction and purification. I will teach you spontaneity, living by faith, honoring Me in spirit and in truth in the conditions and situations of your daily lives.

I want to prepare you so that you might cling to Me and remain faithful to Me in the days when the sky will burn and the earth experience destruction. I want you to be able to love Me and trust Me when My churches lie in ruins and My priests are scattered. I want you then to be able to accept all oppression and suffering out of love for Me and to remain faithful in prayer, and I want the Eucharistic sacrifice of My Son to be enfolded within your hearts.

I have ordained my most faithful and meekest children as priests in spirit for the most difficult time awaiting humanity. And I desire that My love might save and heal the world through them, that it might be poured out into the hearts of My children. Do not fear, you who wish to be My light in days of darkness. Do not fear, but trust and allow Me myself to be in you and, through you, to be salvation for souls who are fearful, lost, helpless, since new life will be born in the agony of what has been, which is already heading for collapse.

My daughter, do not be afraid to transmit these words; do not be afraid to speak of what I have made know to you. Do not fear, for you are Mine and nothing will happen without My will. Peace be with you, My child.

Continue in faith and love, and with hope await the coming of My Son, who is your Bridegroom.

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