Luz de Maria – You Are Living Within the Countdown

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on July 11, 2020:

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart: My children beat within My Heart. I treasure them and do not want them to turn away from My Son. This generation is living through difficult times which you have brought upon yourselves by working and acting outside the Divine Will. The Divine Designs are being fulfilled for the good of souls (cf. Is 45:18), without forgetting that prayer made with a contrite and humbled heart is always heard (cf. Mt 7:7-8, Mt 21:21-22 ), and it is this prayer that will succeed in mitigating the force of what this generation is experiencing and will experience by Divine Decree.

My children, I see so many constantly repeating words while their mind is far from those words with which they intend to pray. It is urgent to pray with your heart, powers and senses – conscious and active prayer for the good of your brothers and sisters. I do not want you to falter at this time; proceed under My Son’s protection – You are living within the countdown to your encounter with what I have prophesied for humanity.

Repent at every moment of your lives – repent and make amends for sins committed! It is important for you to remain at peace given the proximity of the Warning, during which you will find that you are examining yourselves deep within, without a single sin, a single offense committed being allowed to pass without being examined. For some it will be like a mere breath; for others a real torment from which they will feel that they cannot escape; for some it will be their reunion with My beloved Son, repenting for offences committed. For others, seeing the evil in which they have been living will be unbearable, and they will feel that they are dying without dying, because of which they will then rise up against the People of My Son together with the hordes of evil.

This Act of Divine Mercy for souls must not come without your repeated self-examination, children of My Immaculate Heart. Do not stop: confess sins committed and sin no more. My Son’s Church is besieged by evil, which is bringing division everywhere, spreading the venom of the ancient serpent (cf. II Cor 11:3) within My Son’s Church so that souls would be lost.

For years now you have been admonished to prepare for each trial through which you are living, as well as those to come for humanity in general. The Purification of My Son’s People will continue and worsen as the months advance towards the end of this year and the coming one, when the suffering of the Mystical Body of My Son will increase. Children of My Immaculate Heart, do not forget that it is urgent for you to reinforce your Faith, growing spiritually, praying and deepening your knowledge of My Son’s work: do not succumb to the Pharisees or blanched sepulchers: hold to the Faith without retreating. My Son shares His Cup with you so that you would say with Him: “not my will but thine be done” (Lk 22:42).

I call on you to convert, so that you would not lose faith and not lose eternal life. My Son is suffering over the number of souls who are heading towards the abyss, covered with pride, disobedience and a lack of humility.

 Children of My Immaculate Heart, I invite you to pray: the Church of My Son is suffering, and like sheep without a Shepherd, you are becoming confused.

 Children of My Immaculate Heart, I invite you to pray, the Earth will be shaken by the magnetic force of a celestial body.

Children of My Immaculate Heart, I invite you to pray with your heart, meditating on Divine Love for you, meditating on My Love for each one of you who are loved by the Most Holy Trinity.

Do not fear, children, do not fear, be a shelter for those who do not know where to go, testify to the Love of My Son, comply with My Son’s requests, find strength in the Gospel, in the Body and Blood of My Son, receiving him properly prepared.

Do not fear, My children, you will know the Great Miracle; you will see the result of Faith fulfilled in San Sebastián de Garabandal,(1) shared with My Sanctuary in Fatima, My Sanctuary of Guadalupe in Mexico, in Zaragoza in My Sanctuary of the Basilica del Pilar and those places where I have made myself present and where I truly continue to make myself present on Earth. I have asked My Son for the blessing of souls throughout the world, as the Great Miracle will be so that people would convert.

My children will want to travel to these Sanctuaries, even if it will be difficult for them. Those who see it [the Great Miracle] and those who live it worthily within themselves will know that God protects them, and fear will leave these children of mine.

Cover yourselves with the Most Precious Blood of My Son and prepare for the Consecration to My Immaculate Heart in the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, in October.

Do not fear, My children! Be faithful disciples of My Son, His Holy Remnant.

I bless you.

Mother Mary

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

 (1) San Sebastian de Garabandal


Brothers and sisters:

Divine Love keeps nothing for itself: it gives everything to us, Its children.

We see how, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, the Divine Will will permit the Great Miracle to be experienced in various Churches and those places where our Mother is appearing at the moment and which are authentic. Amen. 

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