Alicja – The Poison of the Antichurch

Our Lord Jesus to Alicja Lenczewska on June 6th, 2002:

The Immaculate Heart of My Mother will conquer. She is the Mother of the Church which is always holy, independently of the sins and betrayals by many of the sons of the Church. I am the holiness of the Church, with My Apostles, My devoted servants who, in their sacrifice of martyrdom, are the foundation, the wall and the dome of My Temple. In [the Church] I am living and true, in Her I nourish My children through My servants, I restore life to them and lead them to the Father’s House.

My Church suffers, as I have suffered; She is wounded and bleeding, as I was wounded, and as I marked with My Blood the way to Golgotha. My Church is spit upon and profaned, as My Body was spit on and mistreated. She staggers and falls, as I did under the weight of the cross, because She also carries the cross of My children through the years and the ages. And She gets up, She advances toward the resurrection through Golgotha, through the crucifixion of so many saints! But the gates of Hades shall not hold out against Her, because the wisdom and the power of the Divine Spirit guide Her through the heart and the spirit of My vicar on earth and his faithful collaborators.

The dawn and springtime of Holy Church is coming, even if there is an anti-church and its founder, the antichrist. Even if there are prophets of Lucifer, and his priests, and the obedient army of Free Masonry, and many links and organizations to its services. And even if there is a worldly “Sanhedrin” which directs the church of Satan on earth. Even if they control the governments and their wealth, and it seems that they have poisoned all and are leading the world to its ruin.

The antichrist is not God, he cannot create anything. He desires only to destroy what God has created. By aping God, he mutilates, he wounds, he deforms. He contaminates with the poison of fear, of sorrow, and of death.

The anti-church is the opposite of the true Church in its structures, its goals and its activities.

Instead of life, there is death; instead of truth, there is lying; instead of love, hate; instead of forgiveness, vengeance; instead of liberty, slavery; instead of humility, pride; instead of mercy, cruelty.

And one can thus continue to list all the spiritual goods included in the Gospel and recognize their opposite, which become the content of the teaching and activity of those who fight My Church, My beloved, My suffering children.

The path to salvation leads through  purification from the world and of each child of this earth from the satanic poison of Original Sin.

The purification will be offered, it will put in the light of Divine Truth the lies of the sons of darkness. Each man, following his own will, in the face of this Truth, will choose the Kingdom of My Father or else offer himself for eternity to the father of lies.

And the world will be freed from the spiderweb of the Great Prostitute — of the antichrist’s church and of those of My children who serve it.

Mary is She through whom the rebirth of My Church is coming, so that It may shine with the full splendor of Divine holiness.

The present time demands from the children of the Truth heroic faith, hope and love. One must recognize the signs of the times in the light of prayer and of the Word of God, and fulfill the calls of My Mother and those of My beloved servant, John-Paul II: to pray and do penance with the intention of rescuing My lost children.

[Read] the words of Scripture which relate to Holy Church and to Christians: Jb 30:17-31 (and in a certain way the whole book of Job), 1 Pet 1:1-25 (A certain comparison with the third mystery of Fatima is needed).


—excerpted from Exhortation of Jesus to Alice Lenczewska (1934-2012), Nihil Obstat by Msgr. Henry Wejman Bishop of Stetin (Poland), 7/20/2015

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