The Rise of the Antichurch

JOHN PAUL II predicted in 1976 that we were facing a “final confrontation’ between the Church and the anti-Church. That false church is now coming into view, based in neo-paganism and a cult-like trust in science…

[Note: The following video was censored within minutes of being posted on YouTube because of “medical misinformation” on COVID vaccines. On the contrary, the statement that these mRNA “vaccines” are actually “gene therapies” is right from Moderna’s own legal documentation: 

Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. —pg. 19,

Once again, we see how social and mainstream media continue to censor crucial information the general public has a right to know. As such, from now on, we will be posting Countdown to the Kingdom content on Rumble on our Countdown to the Kingdom channel. Be sure to subscribe there. You can also watch this video below]:


The Rise of the Antichurch




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