An Unlikely Soul – I Bring You Joy

Our Lady to An Unlikely Soul on November 11th, 1992:

This message is one of many locutions that were given to a weekly prayer group. Now the messages are being shared with the world:

Dear children, it is I, your Mother, who speaks to you now. I go to each one of you, I hold your faces in my hands, I give you a kiss . . . a kiss that is a blessing from me this day. Behind each of you stands your guardian angel. In time of need, always remember them. When you were young and were told of your angels, you went to them often. I did this with you. As you grow older, the cares of life make you grow and change, and you sometimes forget. They support you in so many ways and have helped you over so many obstacles. Remember them.

I bring you joy. I bring you peace this day. This peace I offer you is being with the Father. Unless you are with the Father, there is no peace; and without peace, there is no happiness. Happiness is holiness. There is no separation of the two. Without holiness, no one can be truly happy.

Severe trials are ahead for all of you, my children. You will be tested in many different ways. The battle is raging in heaven, and the enemy is most unhappy with your prayers. They wound him, and his time is short. He is lashing back with all his fury. He will try you all in so many ways. You must hold fast to your faith. You must continue to pray.

Today I have brought someone special to speak with you. He has something to share.

St. Michael the Archangel:

Glorious Heavenly Queen, I thank you for allowing me to speak with God’s children. It is I, Michael the Archangel, who speaks to you now, children. I come to give you news of the battle, the battle raging as we speak. The enemy is defeated. He knows it now. He thrashes in agony. He tries to wound you all. He tests you all because of your prayers and your support. And I ask you this, I implore this of you: continue your prayers, continue them fervently—but continue them. And in your apostolate, in your discussions with people, keep the Lord central and prayer central. Don’t be trapped into long discourses and discussions about theology, about differences in religion. At this time, that trail is too long to follow and leads only to division. Promote the Lord, our God, and promote prayer, children. Keep these central. As you promote these, the enemy becomes weaker and weaker.

As our Holy Queen has stated, you will all be tested. You will be tested in different ways. In these tests, call on her and ask me for my help. Bow your heads and beg the Lord Jesus His protection. He will not let you down. These are glorious times we enter into. You will be at my side. The enemy’s time draws close to an end. All of you will participate in the glories to be. But you must persevere.

I thank you now for listening, my children. Holy Mother, I beg leave.

Our Lady:

This is your Mother, children. Go in peace. My angel’s words are spoken with strength and for your support—support I know you need, support you will get. In your consecrations to me, I remember your offerings. These offerings will not be wasted, my children. They will be used for the greater glory of God and so that you can obtain holiness—a holiness you so ardently desire.

Good-bye, my children. Go in peace.

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