Luz – The Human race Believes What It Wants to Hear…

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on June 24th:

Beloved children of My Heart, you are clay in My hands… Humility [1]About humility: is a great virtue that I love in creatures… You are living through the moments prior to the great global devastation. Envy manages to crush even man’s thinking and makes him forget that he is going to destroy himself. The struggles and threats continue – supremacy… Humanity is prey to the tension generated by threats that turn into deeds.

Pray, My children, pray. Cuba will be forcefully shaken; part of its territory will fall.

Pray, My children, pray. Jamaica will suffer in its southern zone, due to the shaking of its land.

Pray, children, pray. Haiti and the Dominican Republic will suffer, due to the force of nature; they will be strongly shaken.

Pray, children, pray. Puerto Rico will be struck by a tsunami.

Pray, children. Aruba will suffer.

Pray, My children, pray. Trinidad and Tobago will be shaken.

Pray My children, pray. Small islands will be prey to a tsunami.

My children: The human race believes what suits it, what it wants to hear, and this is a way of rebelling against the Divine Will. My people have such faith that they know that, as a people on the march, they will be delivered by Me from what is going to happen to humanity in the midst of the fulfillment of the prophecies.

The place to protect oneself from danger is “a heart of flesh,” [2]Ezek. 11:19 otherwise nothing will be sufficient. The firmament will seem to be in flames, this being the product of human evil. I will not tire of calling you to a change of life. In peace, but with assurance, wait for the coming of the Angel of Peace. You are My children; be clear about this. I bless you.

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin

Commentary of Luz de Maria

Brothers and sisters, the world situation is in crisis, and this has reached a very serious level. These words are not from me, but are based on what Our Lord shares with me. Each person is responsible for giving as much as he/she can in order to be better, knowing that we are on the brink of the abyss. 

Our Lord said to me:

“He who is far from Me and with all the means of protection that he may have for building what he considers to be the greatest protection against a nuclear weapon, is mistaken.

I Am who I Am, [3]Ex. 3:14 and I will work miracles in favor of My humble children; I will protect them without the need for iron or other metal constructions. But I need you to have faith, for without faith, you are nothing.

Respect My works, these Words of mine, for people will fall to the ground when they see My protection for My children being fulfilled.”

These are the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I invite you to pray:

Lord, we need faith.

(Inspired by Luz de Maria, 06.24.2023)

Lord, you who know and hear our thoughts. At this moment we need faith, that faith that leads us to see the greatness of Your works, the infinite mercy with which You work miracles in Your children, faith capable of leading us to You, because You are our Father–that faith that looks at Your Heart and lives by its beats.

It is you, Lord, Whom Your children need–the Sacred Food, delight of the angels themselves. You are the light that will illuminate our souls when all is darkness, for You are the Holy One, You are the Power, You are the Wisdom that leads us, You are the One Who knows all and knows about all things, and yet you are humility par excellence.

You know what You deliver us from, Lord: therefore, in faith, I say to You–Thank you, Lord! Thank You for what has happened, for what is happening and will happen.

For Your Will reigns in all creation, forever and ever.



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1 About humility:
2 Ezek. 11:19
3 Ex. 3:14
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