An Unlikely Soul – It Is through Your Crosses…

Our Lady to An Unlikely Soul on January 18, 1995:

This message is one of many locutions that were given to a weekly prayer group. Now the messages are being shared with the world:

My beautiful children, it is I, your Mother, who speaks with you this day. I am truly in your presence, and I ask that you gather round so that I may comfort you and explain to you the necessity for your crosses. 

My beautiful loved ones, it is through your crosses that sanctity is reached. I affirm that it is the only and true path to holiness. I know it’s hard to see this now, but the crosses of life are great gifts from the Father, for it is on the cross, and only on the cross, that you can truly give completely of yourselves. 

On the cross, there is no hidden motivation, no selfish benefit, only suffering sweetly given to the Lord of Lords. In this offering is love. In this offering is an acceptance of the Father’s will. And the love you give is magnified beyond comprehension, for you become one with the ocean of my Son’s charity. And all of this is contained in the cross. 

Rejoice, and bear up as best you can—and know that if you are united with me in prayer, the burden will never be too much. You will always have the strength, and your final destination will be assured. 

Be at peace now, my children. Quiet your hearts. Allow my words to enter you and bring you closer to my Immaculate Heart. 


This message can be found in the book: She Who Shows the Way: Heaven’s Messages for Our Turbulent Times. Also available in audiobook format: click here

It is perfect book to read for each day of Lent…

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