Valeria – Seek to Live in God’s Joy

“Mary, She Who is Most Pure” to Valeria Copponi on February 15th, 2023:

My dearest children, Jesus and I are counting so much on you; always be aware of what you say, what you do and what you show to your brothers and sisters. I am always close to you in order to suggest how you should behave so as to demonstrate that Jesus and Mary are your teachers. Your spirit needs you to lead a more righteous life so that each of you might be able to pray to Jesus rightly. I lead you: I am your sole Mother who has known you since birth. You are living in a world that is diabolical, since it seems more suited to your desires. The churches are increasingly becoming empty: priests are left on their own, you are only capable of criticizing and do not try to help those who are most in need. I am always close to you and suggest what is good, but many of you turn a deaf ear and criticize negatively those who try to follow Jesus in every way. I beg you, continue to be close to your priests, especially those who are weakest when in temptation. They are men like so many of your brothers, but they are tempted much more than many of their married brothers. Please, my little children, always be close to these brothers of yours: always support them and Jesus will take account of this task of yours regarding those who are weakest. I am always close to you: pray – pray – pray not to fall into temptation.

“Mary, Your True Mother” on February 8th, 2023:

I am with you every day of your life. What would you do without our help in these terrible last times? You will only be able to continue because Jesus and I never leave you. You can see well what is happening to your unbelieving brothers and sisters: Satan plays with them until he puts an end to them. Try never to lose sight of those who have always loved you, namely Jesus and myself. May your brothers and sisters who are far from God’s grace be under no illusions: they will always be alone for their whole lives – they will be abandoned first by men, then by God[1]* Implied: if Hell is their destination after the particular judgment following their unrepentant deaths. Translator’s note., and Satan in the depths of hell will do what he wants with them, meaning that they will be bread for his teeth. Jesus will no longer exist [in hell] for these children of His who abandon Him of their own spontaneous will. My daughter, pray for these unbelieving brothers and sisters of yours, as they are not fully aware of what awaits them. You know well that your times are coming to an end, after which the bad things you have experienced will be forgotten and you will finally enjoy God’s love. Continue to speak to these brothers and sisters of yours about heaven and hell, as afterwards it will be too late. I love you and you mothers understand how much I am suffering because of these disobedient children, so continue to pray for them so that they would “feel” the love of My Dearest Son upon them.

My children, I do not leave you on your own even for a moment; seek to live in God’s joy.

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1 * Implied: if Hell is their destination after the particular judgment following their unrepentant deaths. Translator’s note.
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