An Unlikely Soul – Run to Me

Our Lady to An Unlikely Soul on October 28th, 1992:

This message is one of many locutions that were given to a weekly prayer group. Now the messages are being shared with the world:

My children, come to me now. Send your hearts to me as little children. Run to me. I throw my arms about you. I give you all kisses of great joy. The Rosary today was most beautiful, my children, especially your consecration. Your voices together in unity raise the spirits of heaven. Continue in this way. Do you see your hearts, my children, around me? They are the innocent little children you once were. I love you all so dearly. You are my little army of joy and love. You are beginning to shine. You will shine so that the whole world will see. Rest peacefully in my arms, my children. The love you share with one another you must take with you always.

The enemy is always near. He incites rebellion and jealousy. He incites division and confusion. When you are together in my arms, his weakness is evident. As I comfort you, smile and rejoice. His time is ending. His time is coming to a close. You all know, and you’ve seen the suffering he has caused. You’ve seen the suffering that the rebellion of man has caused.

What is this rebellion, my children? Can you feel this rebellion? It is a lack of love for the Father, a love for the Creator, a love that is manifest by obeying His Word and His Law. How many say they love the Father or they love my Son, but do not heed Their words? For these children, we all must pray, because they truly are children. They are in the dark . . . they are in the dark, my children. You all remember, as children, the fear of the dark, the desire for light. This is in all of you; this is in all of your hearts. Woe to those who don’t seek the light, who purposely avoid the light, whose souls cling to despair and to shadow.

There are many lost children, like these, who will not know the joy of being in my arms. For all these lost children, pray, because many will be saved. Those who truly search, those who truly look with their hearts for my Son, in the end, will be found . . . will be saved. My Son is truly the Good Shepherd.

Hold me, my children. Cling tightly to me. The enemy’s reign is about over. Many of you will witness the joyous return of my Son. Many of you here will witness the joyous return with me. His glory and power will be evident to all mankind. The time of peace and joy is afoot, my children. Rejoice! Rejoice, and go forth with love and with hope.

When I come to you in this way, I bring many graces. My instructions for you? Read the Gospel, my children. My Son speaks to you all there. All the instruction you need is there. He left those words out of love for you, a love that is incomparable, as is His Word. Search for Him there.

I will continue to come to you, my children, to give you support and love, to bring graces from heaven, to increase virtues in you. You will be my victorious army. Run along now, my children. Go and play. Go and work. Go about your business; but love one another. Deny the enemy inroads into your spirit.

I love you all so much. I see My Son smile.

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