Angela – Do Not Tire of Praying

Our Lady of Zaro to Angela on May 26th, 2021:

This afternoon Mother appeared all dressed in white; the edges of her dress were golden. The mantle wrapped around her was also white – very delicate like a veil; the same veil also covered her head.
On her chest Mother had a heart of flesh crowned with thorns; her hands were joined in prayer, in her hands was a long white holy rosary, as of made of light, reaching almost down to her feet . Her feet were bare and placed on the world. On the world was the serpent with its mouth wide open, and it was shaking its tail hard. Mother was holding it firmly with her right foot. May Jesus Christ be praised…

Dear children, thank you that today you are here again in numbers in my blessed woods in order to welcome me and respond to this call of mine. Dearly beloved children, I love you, I love you immensely. My little children, today my heart is overflowing with joy at seeing you here. Dearly beloved children, the way that leads to peace is very hard and tiring; [1]Acts 14:22: “…through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.” pray, my little children, pray. Do not tire of praying, but hold the chain of the Holy Rosary tightly in your hands and pray. Little Children, I have come to you today precisely in order to give you peace in this moment of disorder and great trial.

As Mother was speaking, her heart began to beat quickly and then she became silent. She showed me her heart. Her heart began to turn into a light that became bigger and bigger — an immense light. She had rays coming out of her heart, which slowly spread over the entire forest and those present.

Then she resumed…

Children, these are the graces that I give you today. I love you and want your salvation. Please, little children, do not refuse God’s love, open your hearts to me and let me enter; do not be afraid but remember that my Son Jesus loves and forgives you all: there is no sin that He does not forgive, but there is a need for your repentance. Little children, when you feel tired and alone, know that Jesus is waiting for you with open arms. Jesus awaits you in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar; He is there silently waiting to forgive you.

Dearly beloved children, today I again ask you to form prayer Cenacles; teach your children to pray, please listen to me. I am preparing my little earthly army, let the flame of your faith shine, do not extinguish it.

Then I prayed together with Mother and after praying I commended to her all those who had commended themselves to my prayers. Then Mother gave a special blessing to the priests present and the consecrated, and finally to everyone.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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1 Acts 14:22: “…through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”
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