Simona – Pray for My Favored Sons

Our Lady of Zaro to Simona on  May 26th, 2021:

I saw Mother: she was dressed all in white, the edges of her dress were golden; Mother had the crown of twelve stars on her head and a blue mantle that also covered her head. In her hands Mother had a splendid white rose, which was losing petals that were falling on us like a rain, but still remained beautiful. May Jesus Christ be praised…

My dear children, I thank you that you have hastened to this call of mine. Children, the petals that descend on you are the graces and blessings that the Lord gives you. Pray, children, strengthen your faith with the Holy Mass and with the Holy Sacraments. My dearly beloved children, pray: pray for my beloved Church that the will of the Lord, and not that of man, be fulfilled within her. Children, pray for my beloved and favored sons [priests], that the Father would touch their hearts, that He would fill them with every grace and blessing, that they would allow God to increase and their own selves to decrease; that they would be ready in moments of trial; that they would allow themselves to be guided by the immense love of the Lord; that they would be prepared. My dearly beloved children, pray.

My children, my heart is constantly torn with pain for those children of mine who turn away from the Light, heading towards a ravine of darkness and evil. Children, listen to my voice that calls you, loves you, and begs you to return to the Father! My children, if you only understood how great is God’s love for each one of you — God who did not decide to condemn you but to save you; a God so great as not to hold on jealously to His divinity, who assumed human nature, becoming a man among men, last of the last, giving His own life for you, for each of you, in order to be able to save you… and all this out of love alone, the immense love that He has for each of you.

Now I give you my holy blessing. Thank you for having hastened to me.

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