Edson Glauber – St. Joseph Will Help

Queen of the Rosary and of Peace to Edson Glauber on June 28, 2020:

Peace my beloved children, peace!
My children, I your Mother come from heaven to grant you my love and my maternal blessing, so that you might have deep peace and be of God, living his Divine Will in this world.
Pray, pray in order to understand my presence among you more and more. God loves you and I love you, my children, so I have come to console you and to encourage you on your spiritual path. Courage, faith and love. With the Rosary in your hands you will overcome the most difficult trials and storms that want to bring you down and distance you from God. With my mantle I protect you; and under it you will walk in safety towards the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus.
Today I give you a special blessing, as well as to all the sick in your families. Have faith, have faith, have faith. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
When she was saying that we would walk in safety towards the Sacred Heart of his Son Jesus, Our Lord appeared, half bust, wearing a white robe and a red cloak, showing us his Sacred Heart. Our Lord opened his arms as if to welcome us. By his gaze I understood that He was saying to us: Come to me! Come to my Heart!

Message of Glorious St Joseph on June 24, 2020:

Today, Saint Joseph came with the Infant Jesus in his arms, accompanied by Saint John the Baptist and Saint Gabriel the Archangel.
Peace to your heart, my beloved son!
My son, I come from heaven to grant you and the whole world the love of my virginal Heart, this Heart that so loved Jesus and his Immaculate Mother in this world. My Heart loves you all and wants the salvation of your families. This is the time when the holy sacraments are being fought against and profaned by many because of errors, sinful actions and lack of faith. Outrages have been committed against all seven sacraments in recent years, causing great sorrow and pain to the Heart of my Son Jesus. Many no longer believe in holy baptism, but say that all religions lead to God and are pleasing to him. Today, those who live in second unions have been brought into the Church and many of them have been allowed to receive the most sacred Holy Body and Blood of my Divine Son. Never before has the priesthood been so trampled upon and despised due to the lack of faith and coldness of many Ministers of God who, because of the passions of the world, power and money, have fallen so deeply into the pit of sin, becoming unfaithful to their calling and divine mission.
My Son Jesus in the Eucharist is being denied to those who want to receive him with dignity and holiness, with right dispositions. Many have been denied the grace of being able to receive the sacrament of confirmation, of confession, and many of my children died without extreme unction.
Cruel times, my son: times when Satan wants to dominate the world with darkness, death and despair. Many have wavered in their faith because they did not pray as they were asked to by heaven, nor did they consecrate themselves to our Most Holy Hearts, because they no longer trust in the action of God.
Tell your brothers and sisters to come to my Most Holy Heart that loves God and you so much, and they will benefit from the great blessings and graces that my Son Jesus wishes to grant to all who honor me and cry out for my help with confidence and faith.
Consecrate yourselves daily to my Heart and I will come from heaven to welcome you with great love and to draw you closer to him, giving you strength, courage and light to win the terrible battles that you will have to face and endure for the love of my Son Jesus.
Fear nothing. Witness to all the words of eternal life of my Divine Son and your lives will be transformed by his light and his great love, which goes after the lost sheep that has strayed and left the path of truth. I am always by your side, by the side of all my devoted faithful who have placed themselves under the cloak of my paternal protection.
I bless you, my son, as well as the whole Holy Church and all humanity: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
During the apparition, when Saint Joseph spoke about the holy sacraments that are being fought against and profaned, Saint John the Baptist and Archangel Gabriel knelt and joined their hands in prayer, praying the Fatima prayer together with Saint Joseph. The three of them prayed this prayer three times, offering the Infant Jesus reparation for the sins and offenses that he receives from ungrateful sinners:
My God, I believe, I adore, I hope in and I love You. I ask your forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope in and do not love You.

Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ on June 21, 2020:

Peace to your heart!
My son, the people who are using their lips to persecute you with slander and insults, as well as the messages you receive, are persecuting me, the one who gave you this gift which is in you. The sin they commit against you will always be before them, accusing them, if they do not convert and do not repent of their actions. As I told your mother one day, I am patient and able to wait, but let all men and women of the earth make haste, because time is passing and very soon, it will no longer be my mercy that they will have, but my justice that will come among all of you.
Have my peace and my blessing!
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