Marco Ferrari – On Loving Jesus

Our Lady to Marco Ferrari on Sunday June 28, 2020 during the prayer of the 4th Sunday of the month on the apparition hill in Paratico (Brescia):
My dear and beloved children, I rejoice at finding you here in prayer. Beloved children, to the Divine Heart of Jesus, who loves you so much, let us say together: “Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I love you! Jesus, I love you! Jesus …” My children, the Heart of Jesus rejoices when you transform praises, invocations and prayers into love towards your brothers and sisters, towards all your brothers and sisters. Beloved children, this why I invite you to love one another and to walk towards the light of holiness; children, loving Jesus means doing His will and witnessing to Him in your lives. My children, to love Jesus means to love Him also in the most—as you say—problematic of your brothers and the one close to you. To love Jesus means to love Him in those who suffer in body and spirit, to love Jesus means not to look away from those who suffer because of the selfishness of other brothers, loving Jesus means loving the Holy Church and praying for her sanctification, loving Jesus means loving prayer and charity, and above all living them. Children, loving Jesus means always having faith in Him! May His Most Beloved Heart, rich in mercy and grace, bless you always.
I bless you, children, in the name of God who is Father, of God who is Son, of God who is the Spirit of Love. Amen. I kiss you all and hold you close to our Hearts! Goodbye, my children.


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