Edson – Receive the Flame of My Heart

Queen of the Rosary and of Peace to Edson Glauber on October 17th, 2020:

Peace, my beloved children, peace! My children, I, your Mother, come from Heaven to warm your hearts with the flame of love from my Immaculate Heart. Many hearts are cold in faith, hardened and closed to God. Many of my children no longer believe in eternal truths, due to the many scandals, because of the lack of faith, love and zeal of the many Ministers of God who are acting more like worldly people than as true servants of my Son Jesus Christ. Cruel and terrible times, when Satan is leading many souls to the path of perdition, who without realizing it, blind and without light, are heading towards the fire of hell.
Pray, pray many Rosaries for the conversion of sinners and for the salvation of souls. Terrible times are ravaging the Holy Church in these days, and many families will be persecuted in a cruel and painful way, because they have not been faithful to the Lord and His Divine Commandments. They are living like pagan families rather than Christian families. Ask for the intercession of Saint Joseph, honor His Most Chaste Heart and take refuge under His Sacred Mantle, and He will lead you along the safe path that leads to the Lord, protecting you and helping you to be faithful to God until the end.
Do not lose faith. Believe more and more, and the Lord will come to the aid of all those who cry out for His Holy Name and His divine protection. I love and bless you: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!
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