Luz de Maria – Rejecting God’s Instruments

Our Lady to Luz de Maria de Bonilla on October 12th, 2020:

Beloved People of My Son: My children remain in prayer and supplication, carrying the testimony of My Son in their work and action. Keep in mind: “Glory to God in the highest in heaven and on earth peace to men: this is the hour of his grace.” (Lk 2:14).
The devil rejoices in conflicts among My Son’s children; conflicts of brothers against brothers… The devil rejoices in antagonizing you, he delights in subtly dominating the minds of My children and maintaining their negative thoughts towards those who serve My Son’s House. Be aware that nobody knows the day and the hour: the day of the Lord will come when it is least expected, like a thief in the night (cf. Mt 24:44,50). In my Son’s name, I have sent my faithful to announce to you what is coming, and as in the past, they are despised, judged, reviled and slandered with the same venom as in the past. My true instruments are betrayed just like My Son.
And… who will warn you of what is coming?
Evil comes out of the mouth of the haughty against those whom the Father’s House has sent to be spokespersons regarding events, in order that my Son’s People would prepare in the spirit, and their repayment is the same as in the past: my Son’s People repay evil for good. The instruments are human beings who are changing little by little; those who judge them want them to be saints, and yet, are the ones judging them saints? My Son has blessed His true instruments, He looks at them with tenderness and understanding, and the more they are attacked, the more Graces He provides in order for them to continue.

They slandered my Son… What will happen to his followers? Look around you; with the eyes of love, see the attitude of the true Christian. For “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters.” (Mt 12:30).
Humanity is struggling at this difficult, very difficult time, given the proximity of the fulfilment of the revelations for all humanity. Men have turned away from My Son and the righteous few are being contaminated with the devil’s malice, making good seem evil and evil seem good, their condemnatory judgments being false and guided by Satan. Peace is essential at this time so that you would not harm one another; those who remain united protect each other, they turn away from worldliness and sin, turning to life in the Holy Spirit.
Immersed in their foolishness, human beings are closing the doors to the warnings of the Divine Will; they are not preparing, they carry on living as if nothing were happening… Nature is giving signals to man so that he would see that everything has changed, yet humanity continues as if nothing were happening, groping in the dark, stumbling again and again, crawling like snakes. This is why you have to go from crawling to being able to scale the heights, so that after this metamorphosis you might be worthy of being part of My Son’s People, but you need to change now! Those who live in goodness practice good towards their brothers and sisters; those who live in evil see evil in everything, judging and hurting their brothers and sisters. Those who have strayed should return, uniting in the Divine Will.
You need to nourish yourselves with the Body and Blood of My Son, being duly prepared, in order to scale the spiritual heights, being creatures of good, having repented of all the evil that you have committed and being prepared to do good.
What pain this generation will experience!… What grief and how many unremitting attacks!… What bitterness you will find everywhere!… The earth will shake as never before, volcanoes will blaze, the waters will purify man, winds will appear unannounced. My children’s thinking, distorted by evil, will turn against their brothers and sisters because of a lack of Love and Faith in the things of My Son. I say all this so that you would convert before you become totally lost.
Pray, My children, pray: the Storm will emerge from My Son’s Church and will sweep away many people who lack Faith.
Pray, My children, pray the Holy Rosary and instruct yourselves so that you would not fall into the clutches of evil; grow in spirit, be more spiritual, being creatures of good. Bear fruits of Eternal Life.
Pray, My children, pray for Central America, for Italy, for Holland, and do not forget to pray for Argentina.
Humanity is in turmoil because those who dominate humanity have rushed ahead in order to take control of all of humanity. Evil and its henchmen wish to take possession of humanity and are therefore attacking with a new disease.
You, My children, maintain immovable Faith. The Angelic Legions are protecting you. The child who converts is a light that attracts the Angelic Legions. Pray, change, become creatures of peace and good; do not return evil for good, be thankful. Pray for yourselves, pray for your conversion, pray that you would not falter. Do not be afraid: I am here to protect you. I will not abandon you. I love you, I bless you.


Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin
Hail Mary most pure, conceived without sin 


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