Jennifer – A Great Shaking

Jesus to Jennifer :

…a great shaking is about to come forth for the earth has begun to show mankind the depth of his sins, and yet, your signs will multiply. —July 20th, 2005

My people, the time has come, the hour is now and the mountains that have been sleeping will soon be awakened. Even those that have been sleeping in the depths of the seas will awaken with enormous might. —May 30th, 2004

Children, humanity will be surprised by the fury of volcanoes still unknown. Man will again live without the Sun’s heat. Pray… the Yellowstone volcano will mercilessly scourge all of humanity. —October 6th, 2017

Coast to coast you will see a ripple effect of the earth shaking and you will see massive interruptions all over this earth. For as I have shown you in this vision, parts of this earth will disintegrate like ashes in a fire. —February 4th, 2004


See also When the Earth Cries Out by Mark Mallett

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