Jennifer – Calling the Prophets

Our Lord to Jennifer on January 8th, 2021:

My child, remember that a good carpenter must dismantle in order to reconstruct. When it appears as if all is beginning to dismantle, know that it is part of My plan. What mankind has done is dismantle My creation, My plan. You must weed out evil where it is rooted because where evil is planted, that is where sin resides. Do not lose hope. I have been warning My people for a long time that the Great Shifting has come. Governments will crumble all around this world. My people will rise up to rebel that their voices are being silenced. The time has come when I am calling those who I have prepared to be as Jeremiah and Elijah to guide My people through this time of rebuilding. Open the Scriptures and take heed to the Gospel message; gather in prayer and raise your petitions to your Heavenly Father. Now go forth, cleanse your soul, and take heed to My words, for I Am Jesus, and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


On January 6th, 2021:

My child, there are many today within the walls of government that continue to eat the forbidden fruit. There are leaders today who seek to lead in the name of truth, yet their actions are that of Judas. My child do not despair, for this is a time when the world will begin to share in the wounds of My Passion. When your heart aches at the site of My little ones being mercilessly slaughtered within the womb of their mothers, know that your conscience is responding to truth. When the innocence of My children is being stripped away in the name of lust and greed the earth can only begin to tremble. This world has entered into a time that is calling upon the prophets of today to rise up and not fear, for the world will begin to crumble around you — but it is your time, your hour to lead My sheep back to their Shepherd. This is an hour of awakening and for the world to get down on its knees and repent. I tell My children to pray, pray with an open heart and when you pray, you are surrendering your petition to your Father in Heaven, for I am Jesus and My Mercy and Justice will prevail.


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