Jennifer – Follow my Son

Our Lady to Jennifer on May 31, 2024:

My daughter, I come with the peace of heaven. I have been permitted this time to unite the world. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I brought my Son to the world and now I am here to bring the world to my Son. 

My children, who do you follow? Is your soul being guided by those who live in the truth of my Son, Jesus? Or by those who the devil uses to destroy by living the ways of the world? Seek humility, my children, and that is by surrendering to the Divine plan, by giving all trust to your Heavenly Father and the mission He has given you to fulfill on this earth. Your time on this earth is precious and not to be wasted. Follow my Son. Embrace your calvary through acts of penance. Through prayer and fasting, you will begin to desire less of the world and more of the will of the Father. Each bead of the rosary, you are uniting yourself with the Trinity. Each bead of the rosary, each Hail Mary, is enfolding you under my mantle of protection. I, as a tender mother, am extending my hand to guide you home to heaven. May the peace of my son Jesus remain in your heart.


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