Jennifer – Trust in Me

Our Lord to Jennifer on May 31, 2024:

My child, victory does not come through lies. True victory comes from the truth. My children, I am giving mankind this time to shower humanity with the grace of heaven to turn away from sin and come live in My light. The world has been inundated with evil that has infiltrated so many hearts, so many families. 

My children, you must pray in order to recognize the change that needs to begin with you. You cannot truly love if you are at war with your neighbor. You cannot have peace in your home if I am not welcome to enter. You must look beyond the promises of this life and strive for eternal life. I weep, My children, because life is no longer recognized in its value. My little ones are being executed by those who seek to be the Herods’ of this time. Innocence is no longer protected. Prayer and repentance are what is needed to bring peace. 

Come, My children, and enter into the depths of My Most Sacred Heart. Do not fear what is going on in this world, trust in Me, for I am Jesus. Victory is in the truth. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived. You must discern what is presented before you and that comes through the Holy Spirit. Now go forth, for I am Jesus and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.


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