Jennifer – Your Time in Revelation Has Come

Our Lord Jesus to Jennifer on July 20, 2023:

My child, all healing comes through the Eucharist. When My children consume Me and prostrate themselves before Me in adoration, they are enfolded in the cloak of My love. Those who surrender themselves to the Divine Will and trust in My mercy will see that no evil can permeate it.

My child, this world is lacking love. Too many deny loving others out of fear of rejection, yet I say to you that I am the greatest recipient of rejection, for I am Jesus.

This world is crumbling and many are beginning to recognize the evil that is before them. I warn My children: do not fall for the promises of Satan, for his trap is one of eternal darkness with eternal consequences. Come live in My light and embrace the only source of peace, because I am the Prince of Peace. Let the wicked stumble upon their own wickedness, for I tell you all lies lead back to the truth.

It is time for My children to live the Gospel Message, for your time in Revelation has come. [1]cf. Living the Book of Revelation The dividing line has been drawn and the lukewarm do not obtain their eternal reward. One cannot truly move forward if they are always looking behind out of fear. Those who speak that they are ready for this earth to rock and tremble lack the faith to surrender completely to the divine providence.

Mankind seeks to remove Me from everything, yet I say to you, the world cannot exist without My presence. Every source that allows My people to live contains My image and likeness. Those who deny Me and seek to alter My creation, My plan, have sealed their judgement.

My child, I plead to mankind to awaken to this hour, for I can no longer restrain the just hand of my father. [2]cf. How to Know When the Warning is Near The offenses against My little ones has plunged the world into great darkness. I tell My children to look on the horizon because the hour of great warning is upon every doorstep. The time when all of the earth will go dark and the only light will be that with which I come. The deaf, the blind, the lame — for there will be no restraint from my light piercing into the souls of My people — all on earth will come to a pause, for even the tiniest of creatures will recognize the time of My visitation. [3]cf. After the Illumination The wind will be still, the ocean will be without waves and silence will settle upon humanity. Be on guard, My children, and do not become distracted by the ways of the world, for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

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