Luisa Piccarreta – Hastening the Coming of the Kingdom

Now that we have some faint idea of how glorious the coming Era will be—how it truly constitutes the Reign of the Divine Will on earth as in Heaven—hopefully all who have read thus far are burning with a holy desire to hasten its arrival. Let us all ensure, therefore, that we never allow this desire to lie stagnant in our hearts; let us, instead, always act upon it.

Jesus tells Luisa Piccarreta :

Redemption and the Kingdom of my Will are one single thing, inseparable from each other. My coming upon earth came to form the Redemption of man, and at the same time it came to form the Kingdom of my Will in order to save Myself, to take back my rights which by justice are due to Me as Creator…Now, when it seemed that everything was over and my enemies were satisfied for they had taken my life, my power which has no limits called my Humanity back to life, and by rising again, everything rose together with Me—the creatures, my pains, the goods acquired for their sake. And as my Humanity triumphed over death, so did my Will rise again and triumph in the creatures, waiting for Its Kingdom… It was my Resurrection that made Me known for Who I was, and placed the seal over all the goods that I came to bring upon earth. In the same way, my Divine Will will be the double seal, the transmission into creatures of Its Kingdom, which my Humanity possessed. More so, since it was for the creatures that I formed this Kingdom of my Divine Will within my Humanity. Why not give It then? At the most, it will be a matter of time, and for Us the times are one single point; Our power will make such prodigies, lavishing upon man new graces, new love, new light, that Our dwellings will recognize Us, and they themselves, of their own spontaneous will, will give Us dominion. So will Our life be placed in safety, with its full rights in the creature. With time you will see what my power knows how to do and can do, how it can conquer everything and knock down the most obstinate rebels. Who can ever resist my power, such that with one single breath, I knock down, I destroy and I redo everything, as I best please? Therefore, you—pray, and let your cry be continuous: ‘May the Kingdom of your Fiat come, and your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’” (May 31, 1935)

Jesus is asking us that our cry be continuous. We must have such longing for this Kingdom that we cannot bear to stop begging God for it. And how do we beg God for it? By the primary petition of the Lord’s Prayer. Be zealous in praying the Our Father; each one recited hastens the coming of the Kingdom. Jesus tells Luisa:

There are those who water this seed in order to make it grow—each ‘Our Father’ that is recited serves to water it; there are my manifestations in order to make it known. All that is needed are those who would offer themselves to be the criers—and with courage, without fearing anything, facing sacrifices in order to make it known. So, the substantial part is there—the greatest is there; the minor is needed—that is, the superficial part, and your Jesus will know how to make His way in order to find the one who will accomplish the mission of making known my Divine Will in the midst of the peoples. (August 25, 1929)

Jesus here say to Luisa that the only thing needed to cause the arrival of this glorious Kingdom is people who will be the unshakably courageous criers of its coming. The whole Kingdom is already formed! Jesus already did the hard part with Luisa decades ago. All we need to do is pick the fruit. But what is needed is people like you to proclaim this Kingdom. Jesus also tells Luisa:

If a king or the leader of a country must be elected, there are those who incite the people to cry out: ‘We want such and such as king, or such and such as the leader of our country.’ If some want a war, they make the people cry out: ‘We want the war.’ There is not one important thing that is done in a kingdom, for which some do not resort to the people, to make it cry out and even tumult, so as to give themselves a reason and say: ‘It is the people that wants it.’ And many times, while the people says it wants something, it does not know what it wants, nor the good or sad consequences that will come. If they do this in the low world, much more do I, when I must give important things, universal goods, want entire peoples to ask Me for them. And you must form these peoples—first, by making all the knowledges about my Divine Fiat known; second, by going around everywhere, moving Heaven and earth to ask for the Kingdom of my Divine Will.”(May 30, 1928)

Jesus will give us this Kingdom; but He is waiting for the moment that its bestowal can truly be said to be a loving response to an earnest request from His beloved children, in order for it to not be in any way an imposition. And this is not only the ardent desire of the saints in Heaven, but it was the same of Jesus Himself; both now in Heaven and in His time on earth. He tells Luisa:

My daughter, as God there didn’t exist in me any desire… however as man I had my desires… if I prayed and cried and desired it was only for my kingdom that I wanted in the midst of creatures, because He being the holiest thing, my Humanity could do no less (than) to want and to desire the holiest thing in order to sanctify the desires of everyone and give them that which was holy and of the greatest and perfect good for them. (January 29, 1928)

But in order to ensure that we are never discouraged in this noble conquest, we must above all remember that:

It’s Coming is a Guarantee

We have the certainty of victory. But many are at some point tempted to doubt this victory; all it takes is a brief look at the world under the aspect of merely human analysis. Since our physical eyes are capable of only seeing these appearances, we must be on guard against the temptation to despair of the Coming of the Kingdom that they will regularly foist upon us. Under such superficial analysis, the Reign of the Divine Will on earth appears to be a downright impossibility, and the doubt this analysis generates will in turn put a damper on our zeal in fighting for the Kingdom, which then will delay its coming. So we must not allow our zeal to slacken through discouragement. Of course, we also do not want our reminders of the certainty of victory to breed laxity in our hearts; although it is guaranteed to come, the time of its arrival is not guaranteed, but rather depends upon our response—and the proximity of its arrival is proportional to the number of souls which will be saved from eternal damnation by its arrival. So indeed, we must be zealous.

Let us, then, remind ourselves of the guaranteed nature of its coming by reviewing several teachings Jesus gives to Luisa:

We never do useless things. Do you think that the many truths We have manifested to you about Our Will with so much love will not bear their fruit and will not form their lives within souls? Not at all. If We have issued them, it is because We know with certainty that they will indeed bear their fruit and will establish the Kingdom of Our Will in the midst of creatures. If not today—because it seems to them that it isn’t food adaptable for them, and perhaps they even despise what could form Divine Life in them—the time will come when they will compete to see who can get to know these truths more. By knowing them, they will love them; love will render them food adaptable for them, and in this way my truths will form the life that they will offer to them. Therefore, do not be concerned—it is a matter of time. (May 16, 1937)

Now, if the farmer, in spite of all the difficulties of the earth, can hope and receive an abundant harvest, much more can I do it, Celestial Farmer, having issued from my divine womb many seeds of celestial truths, to sow them in the depth of your soul; and from the harvest I will fill the whole world. Would you, then, think that because of the doubts and difficulties of some—some, like earth without moisture, and some like thick and hardened earth—I would not have my superabundant harvest? My daughter, you are mistaken! Time, people, circumstances, change, and what today may appear black, tomorrow may appear white; in fact, many times they see according to the predispositions they have, and according to the long or short sight that the intellect possesses. Poor ones, one must pity them. But everything is in the fact that I already did the sowing; the most necessary thing, the most substantial, the most interesting, was to manifest my truths. If I have done my work, the main part has been set in place, I have found your earth in order to sow my seed—the rest will come by itself. (February 24, 1933)

On another occasion in which Luisa expressed a doubt about the coming of the Kingdom, we see the following exchange between Jesus and Luisa:

But while I thought this, I said to myself: “But who knows who will see when this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will come? O! how difficult it seems.” And my beloved Jesus, making me His brief little visit, told me: “My daughter, and yet It will come. You measure the human, the sad times that involve the present generations, and therefore it seems difficult to you. But the Supreme Being has Divine Measures that are so very long, such that what is impossible for human nature, is easy for Us…

…And then, there is the Queen of Heaven who, with Her Empire, continuously prays that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come on earth, and when have We ever denied Her anything? For Us, Her Prayers are impetuous winds such that We cannot resist Her. And the same Strength that She possesses of Our Will is for Us Empire, Command. She has all right to impetrate It, because She possessed It on earth, and She possesses It in Heaven. Therefore as Possessor She can give what is Hers, so much so that this Kingdom will be called the Kingdom of the Celestial Empress. She will act as Queen in the midst of Her children on earth. She will place at their disposition Her Seas of Graces, of Sanctity, of Power. She will put to flight all the enemies. She will raise them in Her Womb. She will hide them in Her Light, covering them with Her Love, nourishing them with Her own hands with the food of the Divine Will. What will this Mother and Queen not do in the midst of this, Her Kingdom, for Her children and for Her people? She will give Unheard-of Graces, Surprises never seen, Miracles that will shake Heaven and earth. We give Her the whole field free so that She will form for Us the Kingdom of Our Will on earth. She will be the Guide, the True Model, It will also be the Kingdom of the Celestial Sovereign. Therefore, you also pray together with Her, and at Its time you will obtain the intent. (July 14, 1935)

Our Lady herself is begging her Divine Son for the coming of the Kingdom on earth. As all Catholics should know, Jesus has no power to resist the pleas of His mother. Furthermore, Jesus tells Luisa that He has handed over to His mother the power to do whatever is necessary on earth even now to secure the arrival of the Kingdom—”miracles that will shake Heaven and earth,” “unheard-of graces,” “surprises never seen.” We have been given a taste of these interventions of Our Lady throughout the 20th century. But we can rest assured that these are only the foreshocks of what she has prepared for the world.

We mustn’t fret that we do not merit — that we do not deserve — this Kingdom so holy. For this does not change the fact that God Wills to give it to us. Jesus says to Luisa:

… what merit did man have that We Created the sky, the sun, and all the rest? He did not exist yet, he could not say anything to Us. In fact Creation was a Great Work of Marvelous Magnificence, all Gratuitous of God. And the Redemption, do you believe that man merited It? Indeed it was all Gratuitous, and if he prayed to Us, it was because We made him the Promise of the future Redeemer; he was not the first to say it to Us, but We were. It was Our all Gratuitous Decree that the Word would take human flesh, and it was completed when sin, human ingratitude, galloped and inundated the whole earth. And if it seems that they did something, they were hardly little drops that could not be enough to merit a Work so great that gives of the incredible, that a God made Himself similar to man in order to place him in safety, and that additionally man had made Him so many offenses.

Now the great Work of making known My Will so that It could Reign in the midst of creatures will be a Work of Ours completely Gratuitous; and this is the mistake, that they believe that it will be the merit and on the part of creatures. Ah yes! it will be there, as the little drops of the Hebrews when I came to Redeem them. But the creature is always creature, therefore it will be completely Gratuitous on Our Part because, abounding with Light, with Grace, with Love to her, We will overwhelm her in a way that she will feel Strength never felt, Love never experienced. She will feel Our Life Beating more vividly in her soul, so much so that it will be sweet for her to let Our Will Dominate. (March 26, 1933)

Jesus wants us to beg for this Kingdom; to prepare the way; to announce it to the world, yes… but it does not follow from these premises that we ourselves are the ones to build this Kingdom or merit it. What anxiety that would cause! We simply do not have the power. But that is okay, because the coming of this Kingdom is completely gratuitous. We do not deserve it now nor is there anything we can do to deserve it later; God will, in His munificence, bestow it upon us nevertheless. [This fact is also an important refutation of the various “progressive ascendancy” heresies condemned by the Magisterium (especially those found in liberation theology), wherein man progressively builds “the Kingdom of God” on earth through his own effort until at long last it is definitively recognized within time; or wherein man “evolves” gradually to some “omega point” in the future, in which consists the Kingdom. That notion is radically contrary to the nature of the Era as Jesus reveals it to Luisa.]

Remember the words of inspiration and exhortation that Jesus entrusted to two other mystics of the 20the century with the same mission:

Go, fortified by My grace, and fight for My kingdom in human souls; fight as a king’s child would; and remember that the days of your exile will pass quickly, and with them the possibility of earning merit for heaven. I expect from you, My child, a great number of souls who will glorify My mercy for all eternity. My child, that you may answer My call worthily, receive Me daily in Holy Communion. It will give you strength …

-Jesus to St. Faustina

(Divine Mercy in my Soul, Paragraph 1489)

All are invited to join my special fighting force. The coming of my Kingdom must be your only purpose in life… Do not be cowards. Do not wait. Confront the Storm to save souls.

– Jesus to Elizabeth Kindelmann (approved “Flame of Love” revelations)

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